Emerson Avocent Adds Mobile App to DCIM Control Platform

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2013-09-06

New-generation data center infrastructure management is all about automation, and the more of it, the merrier.

Emerson Network Power and its software division, Avocent, know all about this and have continued to develop their home-grown platform, Trellis, a hardware and software package that one simply plugs in, connects automatically to all the necessary nodes and puts to work.

On Sept. 5, the company unveiled two new modules for its DCIM platform, Power System Manager and Mobile Suite. The new modules provide a complete visualization of the power system, including utilization and dependencies, as well as secure, real-time mobile access—all via the Trellis platform.

Mobile Suite is the first Trellis mobile-device application for iOS. Using it, data center administrators can check the performances of individual drives and nodes on the production floor and make changes as necessary on the fly.

This enhanced functionality gives data center managers richer insights and more ways to utilize these insights to reduce the risk of downtime and improve operational efficiencies, Steve Hassell, president of Emerson Network Power's Data Center Solutions business, told eWEEK.

Trellis, which runs on Oracle's fast and power-efficient new servers and Java-based Fusion middleware, is an open architecture-based data center infrastructure management (DCIM) package with real-time event-analysis capabilities across all physical and logical systems in the data center. It can be accessed by either an on-site application or remotely by a Web-based user interface.

Using Trellis, one can check the I/O performance of any server, rack of servers, storage array or networking switch while at the same time monitoring temperatures in the hot and cold aisles, humidity readings and power intake. All this real-time information is converged into a single console view.

"Discussions with our closest customers on our advisory boards indicated they needed additional flexibility and holistic insight for power management, and that they would benefit from the ability to take Trellis anywhere, 24/7," Hassell said.

"These new modules take our DCIM solution to the next level by giving the user greater insight for managing their assets on the go or on the data center floor, allowing them to reduce downtime risks and improve operational efficiency."

The Trellis Power System Manager also allows users to see data center power from a high-level view across the data center down to a single device view. This insight enables users to gain information to manage the power system more efficiently, resulting in reduced risk of downtime.

For more information about Emerson Network Power's Trellis platform, go here. The Emerson Network Power Trellis Mobile Suite app for iPad is available from the App Store.

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