Apple's WWDC 2013 Won't Generate Much Excitement: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-04-25

Apple's WWDC 2013 Won't Generate Much Excitement: 10 Reasons Why

Apple's Wordwide Developers Conference, an annual confab that allows the company to connect with developers and show off its latest hardware and software, is scheduled to convene in mid-June.

Tickets went on sales April 25 and reportedly sold out within minutes. In many cases, developers head to the show to learn the latest techniques for developing for Apple's iOS or OS X. Others simply want to be at the event in which Apple announces its latest products.

But before they get too far ahead of themselves, they should realize that this year's WWDC event will be one big snoozefest. The show will definitely show off the latest iOS and OS X flavors, but it'll also show off a barely updated iPhone and perhaps a new-look iPod Touch.

Those looking for some really exciting surprises will be disappointed. It's unfortunate because over the years WWDC attendees and all Apple fans have gotten used to seeing some of Apple's most exciting products debut at the conference.

Read on to find out why Apple's WWDC event won't blow your socks off:

1. The iPhone 5S won't do it

The iPhone 5S, which Apple is expected to show it off at the WWDC event, is likely to be just a slightly updated version of the company's current handset, the iPhone 5. But there's one problem: Many people are hoping for a major upgrade. But from all we know at this point, that's simply not going to happen.

2. Apple's iOS 7 is expected

Apple will, of course, show off its latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. Excited yet? No? Neither are many others. Unfortunately, Apple's recent WWDC events have proved to be very predictable. And unless the company comes up with some major improvements to iOS 7 that not even Google has thought about, there won't be much to celebrate.

3. Macs aren't due

Although there has been some speculation that a new Mac Pro or MacBook design could come out at WWDC, the chances of that happening seem slim. Apple recently updated its Mac line, making it unlikely that it'll launch new versions so soon after.

4. Who cares about a new iPod Touch?

Whenever Apple shows off a new iPhone, it follows that up with a mention of the changes to its iPod Touch. That's great. But as recent financial highlights from Apple have shown, the iPod is losing its appeal to customers. So the company shouldn't expect the iPod to be a product that will ignite excitement at the show.

Apple's WWDC 2013 Won't Generate Much Excitement: 10 Reasons Why

5. New iPads will hit in the fall

Apple's new iPads will launch in the fall, if the company knows what's good for it. Apple last year annoyed many fans by launching two new iPads. This year, it won't want to make the same mistake and launch a new version just months after its latest release. Look for the new iPad and iPad Mini to be unveiled in the fall.

6. The presentation goes on forever

Those who have watched WWDC events in the past know that the keynote presentation can last a couple of hours. That's far too long for an Apple event, and something that puts most people to sleep. Couple that with the probability of a long discussion from Apple on statistics, and it'll be enough to bore anyone.

7. Developers will take center stage

As with previous years, developers will take center stage at WWDC, and Apple will give them all kinds of time to show off their latest creations for the company's new operating system. That might excite developers, but to everyone else, it's one big bore.

8. Tim Cook has made promises for … 2014

In a recent discussion with shareholders, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that his company is cooking up some new product categories and really exciting things for 2014. That's all well and good, but it doesn't bode well for WWDC 2013 or anything else that Apple might be planning for this year. If Cook is promising bigger and better things for next year, what happens in 2013?

9. There won't be anything new

All the indications are that Apple won't unveil anything especially new at WWDC. The company won't be showing off that long-awaited television, and the so-called "iWatch" will be a no-show. Also off the table is a gaming console that runs on Apple's App Store. So it's safe to conclude there will be nothing new coming out of WWDC.

10. An improved OS X will be discussed

Apple's desktop operating system, OS X, will definitely be on display at Apple's WWDC event. The company will show its plans for the next update, announce some new features and probably find a way to show why its operating system is better than Windows. That's fine, but it's been a long time since Apple's desktop operating was enough to excite fans. And it certainly won't do it this time around, either.

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