Facebook Home Won't Show Up on the iPhone Soon: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-04-17

Facebook Home Won't Show Up on the iPhone Soon: 10 Reasons Why

The rumor mill is back at it. The latest story is that Apple is reportedly in talks with Facebook about bringing the social network's recently unveiled Home interface to the iPhone.

It's possible, the reports claim, that Facebook might also try to bring the functionality to Windows Phone. But it's the fact that Apple and Facebook might be talking about bringing Home to the iPhone that has everyone talking.

But perhaps all of that talking should end right now. Facebook Home is not coming to the iPhone, no matter how badly some crazed fans of the social network want it to happen.

Apple has, since its inception, been a company that does its own thing, and does it when it wants, how it wants. The very idea that Facebook Home would come to the iPhone in its current form is laughable.

So, here are the reasons why Facebook Home, in its current form, will never come to Apple's iPhone.

1. This is Apple we're talking about

Is anyone thinking that the rumors are true even considering the company they're talking about? Apple is not, and has never been, a company that likes third-party application vendors to grab the spotlight on its products. That Apple would allow Facebook to come in and dramatically change its operating system the way it would to enable the currently Android-based Facebook Home is an absolute nonstarter for the iPhone maker.

2. There's already Facebook integration

Facebook integration is already alive and well on iOS. Users can easily post photos to their profiles, communicate with friends and share information through their timelines. Although Facebook Home takes that a few steps further, it really shouldn’t matter. Facebook already has a home on iOS.

3. Android is not iOS

Let's not forget that Android is not iOS. Android is an open-source operating system that allows any company to play with it as it may like. Apple's iOS is a tightly controlled proprietary operating system that is built solely by the Apple's software engineers. For Facebook Home to come to iOS, the social network's engineers would have to get into the mix. Does anyone see that happening anytime soon?

4. Apple wants control over everything

Apple is determined to have total control over its products. It likes knowing that whatever product it puts out is being used exactly the way the Apple's top executives envisioned. With Facebook Home, Apple loses control. And that's just not in the company's genetic makeup.

Facebook Home Won't Show Up on the iPhone Soon: 10 Reasons Why

5. Where's the upside for Apple?

It's hard to see an upside for Apple by bringing Facebook Home to iOS. Sure, the company would have stronger Facebook integration, but would the average iOS user who already has the social network's app running on the platform really care about that? It's also unclear what Apple can actually expect to receive in the deal. From all angles, it makes no sense.

6. A copycat mobile environment is not what consumers want

Let's take a look at the possibility of an Apple-Facebook deal from the consumer's perspective. Does the average customer really want a copycat environment on iOS and Android? The beauty of the two operating systems is that they're very different and provide alternatives for users. With Facebook Home taking over iOS, Android and Apple's operating system would look depressingly the same./p>

7. Apple seems wary of Facebook

Apple doesn't seem to be especially warm toward Facebook. Let's not forget that the company brought Twitter to iOS a year before Facebook integration was made available, simply because the iPhone maker wanted to dictate terms. It's also believed that Steve Jobs had a run-in or two with Facebook before his death. If all of that is true, don't expect Home to quickly show up on iOS.

8. There's an advertisement angle here

Facebook isn't just delivering Home for its own good. Home is designed for the company to dramatically improve its mobile standing and drive more people to its social network so it can sell more ads. Apple, meanwhile, has its own mobile ad platform known as iAd. That alone could scuttle any deal between the two companies.

9. It hurts Apple's integration plans

Apple has very clear integration plans for iOS and OS X. The company wants to make it as easy as possible to connect to all of its services—including those in the cloud—and share data and information between operating systems. Facebook Home would muddy the waters and make it easier for users to share all of their information with the social network, rather than Apple's own offerings. That's something Apple won't like or want.

10. It's better for Facebook to stick with Android

Finally, let's consider the value to Facebook by partnering with Apple. The company would find itself in a battle for control with Apple. Facebook would have to play by Apple's rules in how Home would look in iOS. Worse, it would likely have to justify to Android vendors and Google itself why it's playing both sides of the fence. At this point, it seems best if Facebook sticks with Android.

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