Samsung Galaxy S 4 Is Today's Best Android Smartphone: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-06-24

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Is Today's Best Android Smartphone: 10 Reasons Why

The Android ecosystem is dominating the mobile landscape. From Google on the software side to Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola on the hardware side, the companies competing in the Android space are doing an extremely good job at beating up on BlackBerry and giving Apple a real run for its money. Android, in other words, is the tops in the marketplace for a number of reasons.

But within each marketplace, there's always one company that stands above the rest. And as of this writing—and likely for the foreseeable future—that company is Samsung.

Starting with the company's Galaxy S2 and on down to its latest launch, the Galaxy S 4, Samsung has been offering some of the finest handsets available in the entire mobile space, let alone the Android ecosystem. And the company's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, is the very best option for any consumer or enterprise customer.

Read on to find out why Samsung's Galaxy S 4 is today's very best Android handset.

1. Apple has validated Samsung

Branding matters in the mobile phone market. Consumers and enterprise users need to be convinced that particular mobile device makers will deliver consistently strong products. Apple is one of those companies that does that. But by targeting Samsung so heavily in lawsuits around the world, the iPhone maker has validated Samsung as its arch-nemesis and thus, its chief market rival. In other words, Apple has practically told the world that it's worried about Samsung's high-quality products. And customers have listened.

2. Samsung has proven its worth

At the same time, Samsung needs to be given credit. Like every other company in the Android marketplace, it's only selling devices that it hopes customers will like. Unlike HTC, Motorola and many others, however, Samsung has been delivering the kind of products that customers are immediately drawn to. In other words, Samsung has proven itself in customers' eyes.

3. That big screen matters

Getting to the Galaxy S 4, it's hard to not point out that the device's 5-inch display could be a major selling point for customers. The device's display is huge compared with the iPhone 5's 4-inch display, and although companies like HTC have been offering 4.7-inch screens, the extra 0.3 inches matter quite a bit.

4. A solid Siri competitor

Samsung's Siri competitor S Voice is probably not as strong in terms of its feature as Apple's Siri, but it comes close. The best part is it's a proprietary offering that Android competitors can't bundle with their own products. In a world where being Apple-like matters greatly, Samsung is doing an awfully good job of doing just that.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Is Today's Best Android Smartphone

5. Samsung's software is superior

Although it might seem like all Android devices would be equal when it comes to software, Samsung is taking a different tack. Samsung tosses its own Android flavor atop the standard operating system, allowing it to customize the experience and bring out some features that other products don't have. Samsung has essentially turned an open platform into a proprietary experience. Some people might say it's a mistake to go this proprietary route. But it's working for Samsung.

6. A fully integrated environment

Like Apple, Samsung has realized that in order to be successful in the mobile market, it needs to offer several complementary applications that help customers do more than just surf the Web and buy apps. That's why the company's mobile devices, including the Galaxy S 4, come with several bundled products, like its Samsung Apps marketplace along with a video and music store. It's a fully integrated environment.

7. A phone that you can use all day

There are some devices, like the BlackBerry Z10, that are useful during the workday, but are of limited value after leaving the office. Products like the HTC One are great when home, but not so nice when at work. The Galaxy S 4, however, has the whole day covered. The device comes with ample security and enterprise-friendly features to appeal to the IT department, but can also double as an entertainment companion when away from the office. That's a huge plus in today's always-connected mobile environment.

8. Serious storage

Although the Galaxy S 4 comes with the customer's choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of space, it also has a micro slot that owners can use to bundle another 64GB of storage. In other words, out of the box, the Galaxy S 4 can store 128GB of content. That's a massive improvement over the vast majority of Android devices that typically only support 32GB of space. And that's probably why customers are so keen on buying Samsung's device.

9. There's an eight-core processor out there

Although it's not currently available in the U.S., Samsung offers an octa-core processor in the Galaxy S 4 that is blazingly fast. For all others, the company's quad-core processor is far superior to nearly all chips available in other devices. In either version, the Galaxy S 4's processor is impressive.

10. What a camera!

Samsung shocked the world earlier this year when it showed off the Galaxy S 4 and announced that it comes with a 13-megapixel camera. Better yet, it features an outstanding lens and is capable of capturing absolutely stunning photos that can be blown up to be displayed on a wall or as a portrait. Yes, the Galaxy S 4's camera is that good.

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