Google Debunks Top 10 Google Glass Myths

By Todd R. Weiss  |  Posted 2014-03-28

Surveillance fears

Google Glass has received quite a reception since the first units were made available to Glass Explorer beta users back in April 2013. Several more beta rollouts have followed, providing an ever-widening group of beta testers willing to pony up the $1,500 it costs to buy the controversial eyewear-mounted computers. Many beta testers have posted their reviews, observations and amazement about living with Glass on social media networks, have blogged about their experiences and have even been inspired to dream big ideas for using Glass in everyday life. But what Google might not have expected is the public criticism that Glass has also inspired. Glass has evoked outright bans in some bars, restaurants and other businesses, as well as privacy concerns from some people who just don't like the idea of Glass wearers recording them or viewing them using the devices. Google is apparently getting a bit testy about some of the "myths" and negative things reported about Glass because the company recently launched a list of its "<a href="" target="_blank">Top 10 Google Glass Myths</a>" to try to allay and disprove some of those concerns. Here is Google's list, which was posted on the Google Glass Google+ page on March 20.

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