MediaMax Offers 25GB of free online

By Eric Lundquist  |  Posted 2006-12-08

MediaMax Offers 25GB of free online

Free/fee sharing/backup service targets

consumers, professionals

by Daniel P. Dern (

Vendor: Streamload, Inc. Product Name: Mediamax free/fee online file sharing/storage Price (MSRP): 25GB free; 100GB for $4.95/month (larger amounts,

yearly discounts available) Availability: Now. Product URL:

Tech Requirements: Javascript/Java-enabled browser

A gigabyte or two of free online file sharing/storage space is easy to find these days -- but for many consumers, professionals and SOHOs with blogs, podcasts, photos, and backups, that's not enough. And paid space seems to run a minimum three to five dollars just for another gigabyte or three.

Streamload Technologies has upped the ante -- and quota -- with

their service., offering 25GB storage (with a monthly

download cap, note) free.

And if you want or need more, you can get 100GB for $4.95/month,

250GB for $9.95/month, or 1TB for $29.95/month (about 20-25% less

if you pay by the year). One year for a quarter or full TB is about a

third of what you'd pay for RAIDed external storage in your home/office.

say, with a DLINK DNS-323 NAS or Infrant ReadyNAS+

And data is stored on multiple disks, in multiple locations, so you shouldn't lose files from a single failure.

According to Michael Corrales, Director of Marketing at Streamload, Inc., the company behind MediaMax, they can afford to do this through a combination of special storage technologies, bulk purchasing of storage -- way cheaper than you or I will get buying 750GB drives at New Egg, I'm sure --

MediaMax is targeting both the media-sharing -- you can give non-members access to your files -- and storage/backup customers; according to Corrales, about half or more of their customers are sharing files, and nearly half are using it for backup. They offer a number of applications to help with photo and video sharing.

To use MediaMax, you need a browser running JavaScript 1.5 or higher... although features like batch-uploading requires an embedded Java


For power users, Streamload also offers a client tool for XP, and supports

FTP up/downloads -- probably worth checking out, as the browser upload I just tried was slowwwww, AND bogged my system down.

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