Happy Birthday EFF!!

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2007-01-10

Sixteen years ago technology luminaries Mitch Kapor, John Gilmore and John Perry Barlow met on the Well and decided to form a new group dedicated to protecting technology freedoms against misguided federal laws and massive corporations determined to protect their aging business models against the incursions of progress. The group that they founded was the Electronic Freedom Foundation and on January 11 that group will celebrate it's sixteenth birthday. I hate to think where we would be without the EFF. They've fought against bad censorship laws that would shut down education sites. They've been the first line of defense against seriously dangerous proposed laws that would make all fair use rights illegal. And they've fought to stem the tide against the worst of the over-reaching and broad software patents. So Happy Birthday EFF, may you always be there to protect the rights of the many against those of the few. And as someone who has helped support the EFF, if you're someone who thinks that technology freedoms are worth fighting for, don't forget to support them.

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