OneLogin First Look at Cloud SSO

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2012-03-06


My first look at the cloud-based single sign-on tool OneLogin left me impressed and wanting to see more. I’ll be conducting a head-to-head review of OneLogin and competitor Okta in the coming weeks but for now I can say that IT managers who are looking to boost employee productivity should put OneLogin on the evaluation list.

1-one01.jpgOneLogin is a cloud-based tool that costs $5/month/user for the enterprise version. Educational ($1.25/user/month) and a single application version ($1.00/user/month) are also available. OneLogin released a no-cost, one time password option that enables the use of a smartphone to deliver multi-factor authentication capabilities.

I was able to get the no-cost, 30-day trial version of OneLogin up and running in a matter of minutes. Full implementation times will take longer based on security options that require a one-time setup session with OneLogin support staff. And while the user portal screen is simple to use, IT mangers will need to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour of training time to help users get up to speed. In my use of the product so far, the user experience is simple and should require no ongoing training sessions.

I’ll be looking at the range of applications with which OneLogin is integrated as well as the process for adding custom applications. I’ll also be looking at the authentication and identification protocols that are used with the product along with the security measures that ensure password security along with regulatory compliance.

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