Samsung boss looks for seamless experience

By Eric Lundquist  |  Posted 2008-08-29

This is the opening day of IFA and the kickoff keynote is Jong Woo Park, president digital media business Samsung electronics company. The Samsung story this year is all about the seamless experience. Park hopes to find a resolution to all the interfaces and basic complication of too many digital products. He refers to it as digital fatigue. Samsung goal is to bring relief to digital fatigue and a digital divide. The video used to demo uses video on mobil phone, IPtv, digital cameras all passing digital content around. Four areas of focus for Samsung. One is content and he is using tv and mobility and the relationship with service providers to pass content around. Highlighting some products including 31 inch OLED, a PDP "3D" ready tv..The next area is connectivity. The network is called Anynet Plus using remote control with wireless control on the way. They are working on wireless solution in house to connect all the devices but the tv is the central device. The third segment is creativity. In this one they are talking of design centers around the world. He is talking about design rooted in emotion to create a strong bond with customers. The other element of design is user interface which they package under the Wiselink pro interface where you connect deices to the tv through usb devices. The final category is components. Samsung produces all the chips, etc that go into their products.

My mini analysis. For someone who has been covering the computer industry for a long time, I find it really interesting that there is no talk about operating systems, home media systems etc. Where's the computer? At IFA, the discussion is the TV as the central focus of the home and mobile devices in your pocket. These companies are outdistancing the computer makers in being the place where consumers turn to for their digital products.

He finishes up with a pitch for eco friendly management. Commit to eco friendly practices and uses their favorable recognition by Greenpeace. This is the first time I've heard Greenpeace mentioned during a keynote.

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