There's a Dongle for That--Mobile Devices Get Big Screens

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2012-07-25

00.jpgA 4-, 7- or even 10-inch display may seem big on a mobile device. And when just one person is looking at the screen, mobile device displays are usually more than adequate. But when executives or sales people need to show something to a group of people that means connecting to a projector or external monitor.

Last month StarTech released the $78.99 MCHD2VGA - an HDMI/HDMI Micro to VGA adapter, which enables users to connect an HDMI or HDMI Micro-equipped mobile device, such as a tablet computer or smartphone to a VGA display or projector. I was able to use my Samsung XE700T tablet computer with a variety of standard monitors and projectors to easily show my small screen content to groups of people in a conference room. The Motorola Droid RAZR (not tested) has a micro HDMI port. iPhones and iPads use a 30-pin Apple connector so the MCHD2VGA isn't for Apple users. Some Samsung devices including the Galaxy S II and III use a MHL (mobile high-definition link) port, so again, this isn't the dongle you're looking for.

The HDMI/HDMI Micro to VGA adapter includes an HDMI to HDMI Micro cable required for connecting HDMI Micro devices to the adapter which interfaces with the VGA display/projector. The adapter supports full 1080p output, which enabled me to display high-resolution content.

The adapter also has a mini-B USB port for power when the mobile device can’t supply output power.

The dongle kit includes: · a 6-inch HDMI to HDMI Micro Cable, for connecting to mobile HDMI devices · Supports a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p) · an AC to USB Wall Adapter

Here are some views of the device. Here you see the VGA, HDMI and mini-USB power port. The last image compares a micro-HDMI (LEFT) connector to a micro-USB (RIGHT) connector.





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