VMware View 5 Testing Notes

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2011-12-23

Here are some, "now you know" tidbits that I've gleaned from setting up and testing VMware View 5.

Cameron's Checklist of People You Need for a View Project:

  1. View project lead
  2. Desktop OS expert
  3. Desktop Apps experts
  4. Tablet and/or Smartphone experts (for View Client testing/roll-out)
  5. MS SQL Server -or- Oracle admin
  6. Network staff, traffic and remote access
  7. VMware ESXi admin
  8. MS Active Directory expert
  9. Storage experts
  10. License analysts
  11. Help Desk
Call outs that are worth calling out again: View Installation Guide, P.10 "IMPORTANT If you create the View Composer database on the same SQL Server instance as vCenter Server, do not overwrite the vCenter Server database." I'm sure this gem of advice was the result of a painful tech support interaction..

View Installation Guide, P. 11 and 68 "CAUTION Verify that the virtual machine that hosts View Transfer Server is configured with an LSI Logic Parallel SCSI controller. You cannot install View Transfer Server on a virtual machine with a SAS or VMware paravirtual controller.

On Windows Server 2008 virtual machines, the LSI Logic SAS controller is selected by default. You must change this selection to an LSI Logic Parallel controller before you install the operating system." Yep, read before doing.

View Installation Guide, P.28 "Create a SQL Server Database for View Composer View Composer can store linked-clone desktop information in a SQL Server database. You create a View Composer database by adding it to SQL Server and configuring an ODBC data source for it." Get the DB staff involved early on this project.

View Administration Guide, P. 65 "You cannot use View Composer to deploy desktops that run Windows Vista Ultimate Edition or Windows XP Professional SP1." I don't know why you would deploy these desktop operating systems. I'm curious to know what it is about these particular flavors that makes them resistant to deployment.

Interesting facts: Number of documentation pages: 728 in six manuals Release date: Oct. 14, 2011 License cost: -VMware View Bundle Enterprise, SRP$150 -VMware View Bundle Premier, SRP$250

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