Microsoft's New Anti-piracy Tools Come at a Steep Price

By Peter Galli  |  Posted 2006-10-05

It seems Microsoft's decision to introduce a new platform and technologies designed to reduce piracy and improve authentication in Windows Vista may come at a steep price: lack of enterprise adoption of Vista in 2007.

Microsoft, on Oct. 4, announced a new software protection platform and accompanying technologies that it plans to incorporate in a variety of products, starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn, in hopes of combating piracy.

The problem is that these tools will initially only be available for Vista and the Longhorn Server beta.

That means that all those enterprises that are not allowed to run client or beta server software in production environments will not be able to use these new tools until they are made available for existing production servers like Windows Server 2003.

That is only expected some six months after Vista is released to manufacturing.

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