Windows Vista: Aero Glass and Java Don't Mix

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2006-09-29

Among the wrinkles still to be ironed out of Microsoft's Windows Vista before the long-awaited client operating system goes gold is the tendency of Vista's shiny new "glass" UI to balk at Java-based applications.

In eWEEK Labs' Vista tests, most recently with the post-RC1 Build 5728, Aero Glass has reverted to the sans-translucence, sans-3D effects, plain old Aero interface each time we've launched a Java-based client application.

We've experienced the glass-out with the Azureus Bittorrent client, with the XenEnterprise 3.0 management console, and with the Eclipse software development tool. In each case, Aero Glass wasn't just disabled for the (apparently) offending application, but for our test machine as a whole--until we closed the Java app.

Sun Microsystems would do well to give a ring to one of the interop contacts at Microsoft that came out of the firms' historic make-nice agreement back in 2004, and figure out how to make Java apps first-class Vista citizens.

Vista RTM is--or should be, at least--right around the corner.

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