Dude, You're Getting A Google

By Ben Charny  |  Posted 2006-01-30

Dell Inc. says it has begun testing a heretofore unannounced partnership with Google.

That was until Nancy Adzentoivich of SearchViews found this interesting Web site. The picture suggests a hybrid of Google's personalized Web site, and Dell's online store.

Adzentoivich, and other blogophiles, also note how Google features are coming pre-installed in some recently purchased Dell computers.

By partnering with Dell, as Adzentoivich's evidence suggests, Google has found a partner to help it chip away at Microsoft Corp.'s dominance of the personal computer desktop software market.

Google's been poised for action for the last few months after partnering with Sun Microsystems, whose Java programming language is ubiquitously used to download software onto digital devices.

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