Google+ Adds Fun Photo Caption Feature, Auto-complete Hashtags

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2012-01-18

The Google+ team has added a fun new feature to photos -- the ability to add text within pictures.

Take this picture I snagged at CES last week. Before sharing it on Google+, I click Add text:

Google+ Android.png

See here the options to add text above, in the middle of or below the picture:

Google+ Android 1.png

Then I choose the text typeface. You can also write something in the post's text box above the picture:

Google+ Android 2.png

And voila, I share the photo with my stream:

Google+ Android 3.png

Google will be checking for funny, ha-ha examples at the hash tags #funwithphotos and #googleplusupdate.

Speaking of hashtags, Googler and hashtag creator Chris Messina said Google has rolled out an auto-complete feature for those fun symbols that help tag posts into groups.

Start typing a hashtag in a post or comment and Google+ will present a list of hashtags you might be looking for. Here's how it works:

This should be a super time saver for folks, not unlike how search auto-complete and Google Instant are for Google's search results.

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