Google Personalizes My Places Tab on Google Maps

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2011-11-17

Google has begun personalizing Google Maps by incorporating ratings that users have made in the My Places tabs directly into Maps results.

Launched in June, My Places replaced the My Maps tab Google Maps. The feature aggregates users' Google Places ratings for restaurants and other businesses in one single list on Google Maps instead of making users veer off the Google Places Web page:

Maps places.png

But now when you go to Maps on the desktop or for Maps for Android to look for stores and other places on a map, you'll see the ratings of other Places users highlighted in the results. It will look like this:


Moreover, Google's ranking system will also highlight places it assumes people might like to visit. "These personalized recommendations are based on the places and ratings you've already shared," explained Google Software Engineer Myles Jordan.

Users have to be logged into their Google accounts to see their ratings. This feature will become more useful when Google begins offering Google Offers on Maps so that when users search for places, they can get treated to discounts and deals.

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