Google Street View Walks Through Parks

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2011-11-02

There was a good reason Google sent out Street View trikes to shoot footage of those hard to reach places two years ago: footage of parks!

The search engine provider's trike team has traversed 22 countries to add a number of parks for its real-world, street-level footage.

Google even added a "parks of the world" section to Google Maps:

Google Maps Parks 1.png

As the button says, click to see the image on Google Maps, such as this view of New York City's High Line Park, which sits on an elevated freight train spur that spans 1.5 miles in Manhattan:

GM 4.png

Just pan around using the arrows or clicking on the image and dragging to see a 360 degree view from the cherry blossom-covered ground in Tokyo's Koganei Park:

GM 3.png

Love those blurred faces inside London's Kensington Gardens:

GM 2.png

Seriously though, this is a great addition to Google Maps and Street View. Kudos to the company for doing all of this and blurring users' faces to protect their privacy.

Of course, given Google's privacy gaffes, I fear it will err and fail to blur out faces. Then we'll see some big-time problems. But enjoy this new footage in the meantime and see how the Google team did it:

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