The Google Grumbles

By Ben Charny  |  Posted 2006-02-28

Nik Cubrilovic has supposedly got Google grumbling. He found some items on Google Base, Google's experimental online marketplace, that could be purchasd with a credit card.

No big deal at eBay, Amazon or other online merchants. But it's a pretty significant milestone for Google Inc. Base is finally a fully-armed online marketplace.

Here's more from Nik:

GOOGLE WATCH: Do you have any idea what percentage of Google Base visitors encounter the payment system now, and going forward?

CUBRILOVIC: Probably less than 1% now. From Google's point of view, it will become the primary payment system and checkout system - not only for independent sellers but for the bigger web retailers as well.

GOOGLE WATCH: What's the benefit for Google?

CUBRILOVIC: Every part of the shopping experience takes place on Google.

GOOGLEWATCH: What's next?

CUBRILOVIC:  I expect to see a lot more services from Google in the near future which will require the user to pay a small amount to access or download them.


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