There's More Dell in Your Google

By Ben Charny  |  Posted 2006-06-06

There's more Dell in your Google.

Google says later this year it's going to use Dell-made equipment in a $30,000 souped-up search engine Google sells to Web sites and businesses.

There's a larger point to this deal than how Dell products are now part of the guts of a rather obscure Google search device. Looked at another way, this deal is just more evidence of how important Dell is to Google's future, as reported earlier in this space.

Consider an earlier deal the two reached in which Google will embed two of its features in Dell computers.

That's going to help Google compete with a move of Microsoft's in the company's upcoming version of the Internet Explorer Web browser. In the browser, Microsoft is making its own search engine the default one, which managed to spark fireworks between the two companies.

As to the latest Dell-Google hook-up for servers, a Google rep said June 6, "Dell is known for its market leadership and operational excellence, and Dell servers are known for performance and reliability."

The assumption here, which Google isn't confirming, is Google has chosen to use Dell gear over servers and such from other vendors. So if this logic holds, Dell's now serving as a much more important supplier of hardware for Google products.

Judging from recent comments by Google CEO Eric Schmidt, expect a lot more Dell in your Google, from its product lineup to--more than likely--the infrastructure that makes Google go.

As Schmidt put it during a June 1 call with financial analysts, "We purchase a lot of Dell hardware because we like them."

He was responding to a question about whether a previous arrangement with Dell involved any bartering, as in, Dell paying by giving Google some free hardware. There was no bartering, Schmidt said, to fill out his answer.

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