Cyber-crime Site Pushes Forged Passports, Licenses

By Brian Prince  |  Posted 2010-08-26

Interested in a fake passport? There is an online forum for people like you.

McAfee researcher Francios Paget found a Russian site selling, among other things, fake passports for dozens of countries. The operation is not inexpensive for the buyers, however. The cheapest passport is for Azerbaijan and costs $870 (USD). A French passport costs $5,530. To get it, a customer must send the forgers personal information plus a signature and photo, according to Paget.

"You must contact them via a contact form or by mail ( to initiate the deal," he told eWEEK. "They do not discuss [business] via phone, icq nor SMS. There is no payment detail available. I suspect they use (or used in the past) Western Union. If you send a mail, you receive a reply in a day from an "administrator"."

The site also offers driver's licenses as well. Though not unique, the site's role as a marketplace for passports and licenses is not particularly common, Paget said.

In addition to offering passport forgery services, the site owners also take a more traditional route by offering to sell batches of credit cards at 10 cards a time. The balances on the cards range from $2,000 (USD) to $15,000. There are also Platinum cards guaranteed up to $50,000.

"This site is only dedicated for sales," he said. "They call themselves "Vendor of Cards"."

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