AdRem Software Launches NetCrunch 8 Monitoring Platform

By Nathan Eddy  |  Posted 2014-04-01

Network and systems management software developer AdRem Software announced the availability of NetCrunch 8, the latest edition of its flagship network management software.

The NetCrunch platform automatically discovers, monitors and troubleshoots every device in an organization's network, from computers, switches and printers to video cameras, sensor devices, security systems and more.

The plug-and-play software creates a complete visual map of the network, and monitoring packs enable administrators to set monitoring and alerting rules for each device type, rather than having to configure each individual device.

Intelligent alerts correlation enables user-defined event closure for both internal and external events, meaning that all information is real-time and resolved issues are no longer displayed.

In addition, self-learning baselining technology creates a detailed baseline for each hour and day of the week, allowing administrators to focus on real network issues rather than false alerts triggered by a single, inflexible baseline.

NetCrunch 8's new capabilities are designed to meet the requirements of businesses with heterogeneous IT environments, providing small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with a holistic view of data as it is exchanged among IT systems both on premises and in the cloud.

Version 8 supplements NetCrunch's network visualization and agentless monitoring capabilities with a number of product enhancements, including advanced network baselining and increased monitoring coverage.

"NetCrunch is the Swiss Army Knife for network managers wanting to know how their networks and devices are performing," Martin Silverman, director of IT for EvensonBest, a contract furniture distributor, said in a statement. "We rely on it every single day."

Enhancements in NetCrunch 8 include broader monitoring coverage, and the platform includes an advanced Web and file monitor, as well as agentless monitoring of Linux processes, connected user and open files.

NetCrunch 8 features more than 100 predefined monitoring packs for centralized control of monitoring settings, three times more than the previous version, and includes 3,000 new management information bases (MIBs), for a total exceeding 5,000. The platform also supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v3 trap receiving and forwarding.

"NetCrunch is the only monitoring solution that integrates such a broad range of intelligent features," said Tomasz Kunicki, AdRem Software founder and CEO. "This is why it's trusted by over 2,500 companies in 87 countries to monitor more than 1.5 million devices."

NetCrunch must be installed on the Windows Server (Windows 2003 R2, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012). It comes with its own Web server and embedded SQL database for storing event data.

The company noted NetCrunch can be installed on a virtual machine, provided the organization assigns at least four processors and 4GB of RAM.

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