Ruckus Releases Mobile WiFi Applications For iOS, Android

By Nathan Eddy  |  Posted 2013-03-12

Wireless systems specialist Ruckus Wireless unveiled a suite of four WiFi mobile applications designed to assist system integrators, value-added resellers and network administrators in conducting site surveys and wireless LAN (WLAN) performance tests.

The applications also help with remotely monitoring Ruckus Smart WLAN environments and conducting performance comparisons between Ruckus and third-party WiFi access points.

The applications, which include the SpeedFlex, S.W.A.T., Zapper and ZD Remote apps, are each available for free on the Apple iTunes App Store and will be available for Android smartphones by the end of March through the Google Play store.

With the applications, network managers are able to determine where to best place WiFi access points (APs) for optimal coverage and performance. In addition, users can use Ruckus tools, such as Zapper, as a mechanism for making statistically valid performance comparisons between different vendor systems, with the ability to view all the comparative performance data on the same screen.

The SpeedFlex app is a wireless throughput performance-testing tool based on the Ruckus open source performance test platform that gives users a way to collect site performance data. This throughput-based analysis tool can be used to validate the performance of an existing installation, or assist in planning a new site deployment. The app also captures real-time throughput (uplink/downlink), packet loss and site data, and lets users take pictures and send an email with the results packaged in a PDF file.

Built on an open-source wireless library, Zapper is a real time performance analysis tool that lets users test the performance of an existing network, validate APs, and perform competitive testing to help make accurate comparisons. Results are presented in a cumulative distribution function (CDF) graph, which visually communicates the full distribution of expected throughput rates against the percentage probability of that throughput at the specific test location.

"Anyone who has ever deployed a wireless network of any size clearly understands how difficult it can be to optimize WiFi performance and coverage," Ruckus vice president of marketing Rob Mustarde said in a statement. "We wanted to radically simplify this process with tools that are intuitive to use and understand, and which offer a compelling value in the data they deliver."

The S.W.A.T. app is a wireless assessment tool for performance testing and site survey companion to SpeedFlex. It gives users a way to collect comprehensive site performance data and can be used to validate the performance of an existing installation, or assist in planning a new site deployment. By connecting to a SpeedFlex server, such as a ZoneFlex AP or ZoneDirector controller, network managers can test network throughput.

Finally, ZD Remote is for users of the company’s ZoneDirector management appliance. Designed for use with the Apple iPad, the app offers real-time monitoring of Ruckus Smart WLANs to provide stats, dashboard widgets, client details and live logs. With ZD Remote, administrators can monitor one or more ZoneDirector controllers on a mobile device, and ZD Remote will add select ZoneDirector configuration controls, allowing administrators to manage their Ruckus WLAN environments.

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