Check In to Tweet Chat on Cloud Resiliency Today at 4pm ET

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2012-08-09

Ever participated in a Twitter chat discussion? It's where questions and answers on a particular topic are tweeted only.

You'll have a chance to do so today at 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific. The topic is cloud resiliency, and there undoubtedly will be input regarding storage and data security.

It's an IBM deal, and The Station is hosting -- asking the Q's and prodding the discussion along for one hour. Expert panelists are Audrey Rasmussen, Partner and Principal Analyst, Ptak/Noel and Associates (@akrasmus) and Richard Cocchiara, Chief Technology Officer for Business Resiliency & Consulting Services, IBM (@RichCocchiara1). A couple of very qualified folks to chat on this subject.

Go to #cloudchat today at 4pm ET. You can tweet in your questions and responses. More deets and background, go here.

Let's have a good Tweet chat. Better than a concall, undoubtedly.

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