Google's Eric Schmidt: Want security, get a Mac, not a PC.

By Eric Lundquist  |  Posted 2011-06-01

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This is the week that Walt Mossberg holds his popular D9 conference. Walt does a great job at getting key execs (often THE key exec) from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the entire panoply of tech movers and shakers. Of course D9 wouldn't work without getting those shakers to make some comments that shake things up.

In an interview reported on The Next Web  , Google's Eric Schmidt takes a swipe at Microsoft security and notes that if you want to be secure move to an Apple Mac. You should remember that Schmidt was an exec at Sun Microsystems and Novell before being crowned the king of Google. 

While the Apple Mac is (in my opinion) fundamentally more secure in design than Windows, I'm not sure the get a Mac argument is as strong as it once was. Not because Windows is necessarily catching up or the Mac with its increasing popularity is a more popular hacker target. 

Computer security concerns are migrating to the cloud along with just about the entire technology infrastructure.  With your apps, your information and your data more frequently residing in the cloud than on your laptop, the real battleground for security is taking place in that virtualized, cloudy world. 

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