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Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: A Brief Competitive Comparison

Posted : 2014-10-08

Apple and Google will soon start competing against each other in yet another new field. This time, the companies are vying for dominance in a relatively new space—mobile payments. Both companies are offering mobile payment services for people... Read More >


Apple iPhone 6 Shows Why Even Small Gains in Screen Size Matter

Posted : 2014-10-04

REVIEW: The increase in screen size is less than an inch over the iPhone 5, but that's enough to make a huge difference in usability. Read More >


GNOME 3.14 Improves Linux Desktop Visual Detail, Other Features

Posted : 2014-10-02

The open-source GNOME 3.14 desktop release is the second major update to the popular Linux user interface in 2014. Version 3.14, which the GNOME Project released Sept. 24, follows in the footsteps of GNOME 3.12, which debuted March 26. As was the... Read More >


HP Stays in Mobile Game With Stream Notebooks, Tablets

Posted : 2014-10-01

The Hewlett-Packard Stream line of tablets and notebooks shows that the company is still willing to take chances and make major new investments in the mobile device and PC markets that haven't been very kind to the company in recent years. After... Read More >


BlackBerry Passport Seeks Status as Smartphone for C-Level Executives

Posted : 2014-09-24

BlackBerry's newest device—the Passport—is aimed at a specific market: managers in the C-suites of the enterprise. Apparently the company assumes that these executives need access to lots of data at a single glance, which explains the... Read More >

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