Samsung Galaxy S5 to Appeal Most to Fans of the Brand

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2014-04-23 Print this article Print

Samsung did make one major aesthetic change, in swapping out the hard plastic on the GS4's back cover for a perforated faux-leather on the GS5. I do prefer the feel of this new material to the older plastic options, which would get warm in the hand and feel a bit slimy. But it's hardly beautiful, and from Apple and others, we've been told to expect nothing less.

What is beautiful is the GS5's 5.1-inch display. The display packs in 432 pixels per inch, to an impressive result. Video and photos are a pleasure to look at, but even apps like Instagram feel newly special on so much rich, color-saturated real estate.

Another key differentiator of the GS5, which also fits under the design umbrella, is that it's water- and dust-resistant. When the hatch that protects the microUSB slot is firmly closed, it's really waterproof. (One reviewer went so far as to drop the S5 in a pitcher of margaritas—a waste of a happy hour, in my opinion.)

What Samsung was trying to do is not give anyone an underwater camera but save them the horror of losing a phone to a spilled cup of coffee, or a windy day at the beach.

At Mobile World Congress, JK Shin said customers want "meaningful and relevant improvements," and in making the GS5 not only solid (a cover would be a joke) but spill-proof, Samsung has, most successfully of all, met those very real desires.

The Galaxy S5 isn't revolutionary enough, or beautiful enough, to convert happy iPhone users, and anyone who likes the Android platform but has been unimpressed by Galaxy flagships in the past may want to consider the HTC One (M8) instead. But for current Samsung users, and those on older Android phones who are ready for an upgrade, the GS5 is everything you expect from Samsung—and, of course, more.

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