What Are Your Top Web Technology Picks?

Jim Rapoza, Chief Technology Analyst, eWEEK.For nearly fifteen years, Jim Rapoza has evaluated products and technologies in almost every technology category for eWEEK. Mr Rapoza's current technology focus is on all categories of emerging information technology though he continues to focus on core technology areas that include: content management systems, portal applications, Web publishing tools and security. Mr. Rapoza has coordinated several evaluations at enterprise organizations, including USA Today and The Prudential, to measure the capability of products and services under real-world conditions and against real-world criteria. Jim Rapoza's award-winning weekly column, Tech Directions, delves into all areas of technologies and the challenges of managing and deploying technology today.
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Over at eWEEK.com I've listed my choices for the top 30 Web technologies of all time. This list is based on my experiences here at eWEEK testing, evaluating and using these Web-based products and technologies since 1993. But I know I'm not alone in my experiences in the Web. I'm sure there are those of you out there who disagree with my choices or who would have added a few different technologies or products to the list. So since this blog is called Comment Here, please comment here and let us know what your choices for the top Web technologies would be. To help refresh, here's my complete list of the top 30 web technologies of all time. 1 - XML 2 - HTML 3 - Netscape Navigator 4 - HTTP 5 - Apache 6 - NCSA Mosaic 7 - CERN HTTPd 8 - Internet Explorer 3 9 - NCSA HTTPd 10 - SSL 11 - Firefox 12 - ViolaWWW 13 - WAIS 14 - CGI 15 - Internet Information Server 16 - Squid 17 - HotMetal 18 - Flash 19 - Java 20 - PHP 21 - Dreamweaver 22 - RSS 23 - WebTrends 24 - Blogger 25 - PlaceWare 27 - Lynx 26 - Perl 28 - Opera 29 - Eclipse 30 - Spyglass

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