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  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Podcasting isn't making a comeback. It never went anywhere. It's just back in the spotlight bigger and better than ever.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The newly discovered GHOST vulnerability isn't really new, but it places renewed emphasis on how open-source security practices need to improve.

  • The new 5.0 release of the VoltDB in-memory database simplifies fast data application development.

  • Among the chief concerns is that the amount of data and devices now managed continues to soar—and this data lives in multiple formats throughout an enterprise.

  • Amazon announced a cloud-based email and calendaring service called WorkMail, which one analyst said could be the first of many follow-on offerings.

  • AT&T's revenue is up 3.8 percent from the same quarter one year ago while the company also added 854,000 new postpaid wireless customers in the fourth quarter. 

  • Release 2.5 of Big Cloud Fabric also includes an analytics module that gives businesses greater insight and information into their networks.

  • Cortana makes Windows 10 debut in January preview build; FTC says IoT focus should be on security, privacy; Dell upgrades Kace K1000 for BYOD, Internet of things; and there's more.

  • A company lawyer said Google was bound by gag orders imposed by the court that issued the search warrants for the email accounts.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple Watch will hit store shelves in April in a revelation made during the company's Q1 2015 earnings call on Jan. 27.

  • The company at its Cisco Live event introduced cloud-based management of on-premises infrastructure and new Cisco ONE software licensing.

  • The popular open-source application container virtualization effort gets an overhaul in a bid to improve project organization.

  • Security breaches have become a common occurrence. In many cases, companies fall victim to coordinated attacks by sophisticated hackers. But often network and data breaches occur because of employee mistakes or willful malfeasance. Recent studies from SailPoint Security show the big impact employees have on corporate security for good or ill. While there are some data points that are positive, many of the findings show that employees are still a major area of risk for corporate data security due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of strong corporate security policies. This eWEEK slide show covers some of SailPoint's findings and shows IT decision-makers what's really going on in their offices. From issues with passwords to problems with cloud services, the number of security woes brought to the office by employees is enough to make even the most vigilant IT decision-maker worry. Read on to learn more about security and how employees are putting company data at risk. The findings are based on a survey of 1,000 employees at large organizations around the world.

  • The collection and analysis of big data workloads was perhaps the biggest trend in enterprise computing during the last 12 months, yet the lasting impact of these projects at many companies won't be fully realized for months—even years—to come. Still, market evidence suggests that in the next 12 months, big data analytics will be matriculating beyond first-movers and going mainstream. IDC recently documented these predictions in " IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Big Data and Analytics Predictions for 2015." The research firm cited the "digitization of everything," the continued increase in the number of data producers and new expectations for information access as key drivers for the coming year. While these are undoubtedly major trends for 2015, Chris Surdak, a global subject matter expert at HP Software, said they only set the stage for what his company expects in the market. In this slide show, developed with eWEEK reporting and input from Surdak, we share key trends for the coming year in the big data space.

  • The giant tech vendor will break into two separate companies later, with one focusing on enterprise products and the other on PCs and printers.

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