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  • Unisys reported its second quarter results showing a revenue increase in its technology segment of nearly 31 percent.

  • Apple's Q3 revenue fell to $42.36B and its net income fell to $7.8B as iPhone sales dropped for the second consecutive quarter.


  • Microsoft is rolling out an Authenticator app, which reaches across both the enterprise and consumer segments of the software giant's customer base.

  • In addition, the company's net income of $702 million is down 83.4 percent from a year ago, due to charges for pensions, benefits and more.

  • Google updated its Maps app to give users cleaner and more actionable information. The company is rolling out the changes to desktop, Android and iOS users.

  • Microsoft's new cloud-enabled intelligent services help Office 365 users while they are creating written content in Word or putting together PowerPoint presentations.

  • The company establishes a cloud business unit that will complement the application delivery controller and security services appliances.

  • The former NSA contractor and whistleblower proposed a case design that would protect high-profile journalists from data interceptions.

  • Cisco's Midyear Security Report finds challenges old and new as the overall volume of threats increase, but the time to find them is decreasing.

  • Rapid7 researchers found critical flaws in Osram Lightify connected bulbs and the Zigbee wireless protocol used to control them. Osram fixed most of the flaws.

  • Verizon's $4.83 billion cash acquisition of internet giant Yahoo will make the telecommunications company one of the biggest owners of web content and advertising assets in the world. The companies confirmed the deal on July 25, saying that they expect the deal to close in early 2017. Upon closing, the newly acquired Yahoo properties are expected to be combined with another Verizon property, AOL, which itself was one of the original giants of the internet's early days. It wasn't long ago that Yahoo, founded in 1994, was one of the web's most popular search engines, a major advertising platform and the default home page for millions of internet users around the world. Yahoo, which once received an unsolicited offer from Microsoft for $44.6 billion, is now a shadow of its former self that sold for less than $5 billion today. Looking ahead, Verizon will have to see what it can do to get the most value out of its Yahoo assets by retaining as many of its diminished following of users and look to the future in hopes of remaining relevant. This slide show discusses what Verizon and Yahoo shareholders are getting from the deal and how it will affect users, some of whom have been loyal Yahoo users for 20 years.

  • DAILY VIDEO: IT insiders project the future of Verizon-Yahoo; FCC's Wheeler urges carriers to stop robocallers; Ericsson ousts its CEO after another disappointing quarter; and there's more.

  • The vendor's customized application fingerprint for its Extreme Analytics offering can detect devices on the network playing the popular mobile game.

  • Following a call to action by the FCC, AT&T announced its CEO will chair a strike force designed to obliterate robocalls.

  • Nvidia's Quadro P6000 and AMD's Radeon Pro WX Series are both aimed at the professional graphics space for such workloads as VR and high-end gaming.

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