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  • PC sales boosted HP revenue; plus, Syrian cyber-attacks expose activists and firms to malware injections. Read about this and more news.

  • Steve Ballmer is officially out at Microsoft. After a tenure that saw him move up the ranks at the technology giant and eventually reach the top, Ballmer has stepped down from the company's board to focus on his National Basketball Association team, the Los Angeles Clippers. It's an end of an era of sorts for Microsoft, and that it's news that he has left the company speaks to the important role he has played at the software giant and the indelible mark he left on it over the last several decades. Given that, and given the importance of Ballmer to the technology industry as a whole, it's a good time to take a look back at his career at Microsoft and the many events that made his tenure special. From being the first employee to impress Bill Gates enough to become chief executive to watching the mobile movement overtake his strategic plan, Ballmer has had his fair share of ups and downs. In the following slides, eWEEK examines those ups and downs and talks about the key events in Ballmer's career that made him such a polarizing figure for so many people across the globe.

  • Companies have long been using analytics to streamline business functions across the board—pricing products, maintaining inventory, hiring talent, etc.—to create a more strategic approach to resource deployment to deliver the best end product possible. The breadth and depth of companies using analytics today has grown exponentially as the field has matured. Businesses all want a slice of "big data," and while there are myriad tools to help collect data, the true value of that data is unlocked by analytics. Analytics help transform a mountain of data into personalized product recommendations for customers, drive synergies in a supply chain or even help channel product investments. Good, strong analytical talent also is a critical ingredient: There's never been more demand from businesses to enjoy the fruits of responsible data analytics. In this eWEEK slide show, Joe DeCosmo, chief analytics officer for global financial services provider Enova, provides insights on six ways enterprises are using analytics today to improve day-to-day business.

  • CA Technologies and IT services provider Wipro announce a partnership to deliver testing solutions for DevOps.

  • VIDEO: Solomon Hykes explains what's coming next in the open-source Docker container virtualization project.

  • Current users of Microsoft phones will also be encouraged to move to the Opera Mini browser, according to Opera officials.

  • Barnes & Noble, the prominent bookseller, has had a hard time growing the sales of the Nook tablet in the face of fierce competition from the Amazon Kindle—not to mention all the other tablets on the market. But it will keep trying with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, a 7-inch, co-branded tablet that is one part Android tablet and one part e-reader. The companies announced at a special press event on Aug. 20 that the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is the first device yet to offer full tablet features while still focusing on the reading experience. The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is by no means a groundbreaking tablet. The device is essentially the existing Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, but it comes with some additional software that the companies say differentiate it from the existing product. It's perhaps also worth noting that the device's price starts at $179, making it one of the cheaper slates on the market. Barnes & Noble is sweetening the pot even more by offering $200 in freebies to entice customers to buy the new tablet. This slide show examines whether Samsung's take on the Nook tablet with its low price and supplemental software is worth a second look.

  • The Google Street View image collection of hundreds of college and university campuses across the United States and around the world is again growing to help prospective students and their parents learn about the schools they are considering for higher education. The Street View collection recently added the campuses of another 36 colleges and universities to its colorful and detailed collections of photographic panoramas that bring intriguing places to the computers and mobile devices of virtual visitors. Among the latest schools to be included are the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Johns Hopkins University, Kent State University, the University of Mississippi, Georgetown University, Brown University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Boise State University and the University of Miami. To find the campus Street View tours, virtual visitors can go to Google Maps and do a search for a school. You can then click on the yellow Google "Pegman" icon to enter the Street View imagery for a featured school. Here's a sampling of the latest schools to be added to the Street View collection.

  • More than 80 percent of IT leaders view networking and recruiting firms as the most effective means to finding qualified candidates.

  • The Big Data and Analytics architecture based on IBM software defined technology can handle more than 20 gigabyte per second of data at peak performance.

  • Facebook wants to see App Links, an open-source developer tool, go viral into all Websites as soon as possible.

  • The Nokia Lumia line of candy-colored smartphones has a variety of hues, but each device is green on the inside, according to Microsoft.

  • Glass users will also get more voice command options and other features, including a new currency converter service using Google Now.

  • The CEO of edX explains to LinuxCon attendees how his platform is using open source and big data analytics to change the world of education.

  • The companies kick off a pilot program to help diabetics better manage their condition with Windows Phones.

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