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  • Google says that a new generation of Chromebooks capable of running Android market will start to become available in the late spring from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP and Dell.

  • DAILY VIDEO: LinkedIn adding mobile look to social network desktop experience; Avaya bankruptcy sends clear message to legacy IT makers; More than 250,000 android apps updated through Google ASI program; and there's more.

  • New York City-based Collibra brings a "data shopper's" approach to the task of finding and analyzing volumes of data.

  • Samsung Jan. 22 announced the results of an exhaustive investigation of defects in its rechargeable batteries that caused its big-screen Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire and explode. Samsung President DJ Koh confirmed that manufacturing process defects caused short circuits that caused the batteries to overheat, burn and even burst. Samsung noted no other components in the smartphone contributed to the battery problem. Koh apologized to customers for the problems and promised a closer focus on safety and quality assurance in the future. The announcement not only was a culmination of a months-long investigation into the Galaxy Note 7, but it also served as a kickoff for Samsung’s future mobile initiatives. The company said it has big plans for a new high-end handset called the Galaxy S8 as well as a Galaxy Note 8 that could reach the market later this year. The announcement also shed light on what the company plans to do in 2017 to put the smartphone fire debacle behind it. This slide show will discuss Samsung's Jan. 22 announcements in more detail.

  • DEK: Organizations had a difficult time defending against fraud in 2016, according the latest global fraud and risk report from IT security company Kroll. The report, which was released Jan. 17, provides insight into the state of fraud and risk incidents in 2016 based on research conducted by Forrester Consulting and responses from 545 senior executives around the world. Among the findings in the report: 82 percent of respondents experienced a fraud incident in 2016, up from 75 percent in 2015 and 61 percent in 2012. Looking at instances of cyber-fraud specifically, one-third of respondents admitted their organization had suffered some form of virus attack in 2016, yet surprisingly, only 13 percent noted they had suffered a ransomware attack. There are many different root causes for cyber-attacks, with software vulnerabilities the top reason cited by survey respondents. Looking a bit deeper, the survey found that ex-employees were identified as a leading cause of cyber-attack or information loss in 2016, noted by 20 percent of respondents. This slide show examines some of the important highlights of the “Kroll Global Fraud and Risk Report 2016/17.”

  • Bromium expands its virtualized security isolation and detection technology into a platform that correlates threats across a distributed network of endpoint sensors.

  • Apple issues its first security updates of 2017, fixing 18 security vulnerabilities in iOS and 11 security issues in macOS.

  • Oracle's long-running high-end chips business and its correlated Unix-based Solaris operating system both appear to be headed for the Computer Tech Museum.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Samsung President DJ Koh described in detail the manufacturing defects in rechargeable batteries that caused some of its Galaxy Note7 big-screen smartphones to burn or explode.

  • A new Power BI integration enables Azure Cloud administrators to get deeper insights into their organization's use of Azure Active Directory with charts, graphs and other visualizations.

  • The Google Voice cloud telephony service is getting a major update with group messaging, in-line multimedia messaging services among the new features being added to the redesigned user interface.

  • Cloud Cruiser's utilization analytics application enables users to manage and optimize public, private and hybrid cloud usage and spending.

  • IBM adds new risk management capabilities to its security portfolio in a bid to further strengthen the security immune system.

  • As promised, Microsoft adds SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to the list of supported Linux distributions in its next SQL Server database release.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Plaintiff claims Qualcomm used its "monopoly position" to seek "onerous, unreasonable and costly" terms for patents.

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