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  • As connected devices keep flying out of manufacturing facilities and into the hands of eager users and companies around the world, the applications—and the cloud services serving up the applications—used on those devices continue to multiply. In turn, the data centers that house the cloud systems that serve up the applications that are used on connected devices are popping up all over the globe, and often in places that are not prime territory for major IT systems. These are known as "edge" data centers; in North America, they include such out-of-the-way locations as Oregon, Montana, New Brunswick, North Carolina and Alaska. An edge data center requires a different set of considerations than building a standard co-location facility; it's about creating ruggedized interconnection ecosystems in cities away from the traditional core markets. Edge data center companies are building smaller hubs in places that don't already have them but are becoming increasingly bandwidth-hungry. In this eWEEK slide show, using industry information from enterprise NAND flash disk maker SanDisk, we examine key trends and metrics at the close of 2015 around this sector.

  • VTech, the Hong Kong-based company that offers a wide range of kid-friendly products, has been hacked. And as time goes on and more details are shared, the hack is becoming even more ominous for parents and children around the world. The issue, however, is that it's one of many hacks that continue to impact major companies. Sophisticated malicious hackers have the ability to compromise massive company servers and access data with ease. That data is oftentimes sold to interested parties on the underground Internet, leaving valuable information available to anyone. VTech, in other words, is just one in a long list of companies that need to get their security right. But it's also the latest in that long list, and the breach is particularly scary because it involves information about parents and children. In this eWEEK slide show, we look in more detail at the VTech hack and what is known so far. The details of the VTech breach should strike fear into any company that houses personal information and worries about getting hacked.

  • An Apple TV app from Amazon would be particularly interesting because Amazon dropped sales of Apple TV devices in October.

  • The market research firm also lists Avaya, Huawei and Juniper as leaders in its annual scorecard for the space in 2015.

  • The new data optimizer is designed to fill storage and data-protection functionality gaps in Red Hat Linux deployments.

  • In video training or education environments, meeting hosts can enable attendees to participate in smaller groups.

  • It's not just user contact information that's at risk from the VTech hack; actual chat logs and pictures are targets too.

  • The first countries where the enterprise cloud service will be deployed are Brazil, Mexico and Chile during the first quarter of 2016.

  • Around 72 percent of those polled require re-authentication of mobile devices after periods of inactivity, with most opting for lockout after five to 15 minutes.

  • Almost 45 percent of IT pros polled said they feel improved collaboration between IT groups and business leaders is critically needed.

  • In a move to expand its hybrid cloud penetration in China, IBM is launching its Bluemix Local PaaS there.

  • The vendor joins Cisco, Intel and others in offering highly agile, configurable infrastructures that can run both traditional and cloud workloads.

  • Startup develops big data predictive solutions that simplify the process of building predictive models for data sets.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The No. 1 user interface in five years will be the intelligent personal assistant. And Amazon is way ahead.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite the inconvenient findings in Paris that the terrorists didn't actually use encryption, the call in Congress for backdoors persists.

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