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  • Efforts to reform government surveillance laws continue to push through Congress. The USA Freedom Act of 2014 is the latest step in that direction.

  • The two companies announce plans to boost IT security startups and entrepreneurs in Israel.

  • Colleges don't need to spend a lot of money on big data projects to reap the benefits of information analytics, says a speaker at Campus Technology 2014.

  • BlackBerry, with its acquisition of Secusmart and focus on four regulated markets, is quietly solidifying its position where it matters most.

  • The companies, along with Applied Communications Sciences, developed the proof-of-concept under the auspices of DARPA.

  • Samsung delaying Tizen-based Z to 'further enhance' OS; T-Mobile offers families four lines and 10GB for $100; Google schedules new online Google App Engine course for developers; and more.



  • Twitch, the wildly popular game-streaming service that has become an online destination for gamers of all types, has been sold to Google for $1 billion, according multiple news report. It was originally reported that Microsoft was considering acquiring Twitch to supplement its Xbox Live platform, but it appears now that Google has once again beat Microsoft to the punch. However, as of July 28, four full days after the initial reports, neither Google nor Twitch officials have issued statements confirming the deal. But now the immediate question is why Google would pay so much for the Twitch gaming service. While Twitch has certainly become a cult hit in the gaming world, it's nowhere near a household name. While Twitch claims it has more than 50 million users who sign on to the service each month, that number needs to grow considerably to match some of the other video sites on the Web that are streaming content and to help Google earn a healthy return on its $billion investment. This slide show examines why the company might have decided that the game-streaming service is worth so much cash.

  • The offerings will include the controller and starter kits to get organizations up and running on ACI quickly.

  • Because business requirements are always in a state of flux, IT innovations come into the picture and the threat landscape is constant, enterprises need to reorient their thinking to security and adopt an intelligence-driven strategy. This type of strategy de-emphasizes static, signature-based, perimeter detection. Instead, it focuses on three essential capabilities: visibility, analysis and action. In this slide show, developed with eWEEK reporting and an industry perspective from RSA, the security division of EMC, you'll get an inside look at an approach to security that can help security teams better detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats. This also enables security administrators to confirm and manage identities and prevent online fraud and cyber-crime. As attacker tactics evolve beyond rudimentary mass malware into precisely targeted, devastatingly advanced attacks, this strategy empowers organizations to effectively address those challenges that they have today and those that are sure to come.

  • Bluebox Security reveals fundamental flaws in how Android validates the identity of app developers. Full details will be given at the upcoming Black Hat event.

  • The new feature enables users to add Drive files into Gmail messages on an iOS mobile device for the first time.

  • Google is looking for applicants to submit research proposals on a wide range of Internet policy issues, such as accessibility, governance and open standards.

  • Google is offering U.S. customers a free 90-day subscription to its Google Play All Access music streaming service.

  • Hospitals also appear to be hiring IT staff at a rate faster than most other sectors, with headcount rising 3.9 percent at the median.

  • The solution verifies conference server availability, performance and participants’ voice quality and provides reliability management functions.

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