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  • PernixData makes a data storage accelerator and a scale-out analytics engine for data centers; lesser-known makes a DevOps automation platform.

  • As Agile software development and DevOps adoption in the enterprise continues to grow, more vendors are jumping into the ring with new platforms.

  • In a play for younger users, Bloomberg says Apple is creating an app that will let users edit, embellish and share videos across any social app on the iPhone.

  • Once attack tools are leaked, they are adopted rapidly by many attackers. Will the leaked NSA exploits quickly be used in an attack, and what is being done?

  • New features include improved Editor functionality that assists users with dyslexia, a high-contrast mode in Excel and an expanded Accessibility Checker.

  • Going private will allow Rackspace to build its private OpenStack, "Fanatical Support" portfolios and customer bases with less outside pressure.

  • Alphabet CEO Larry Page reportedly wants Fiber staff to be cut significantly. However, the reports about Alphabet scaling back Fiber seem to be at odds with recent CFO comments.

  • Four ex-employees say HP targeted older workers as it cut tens of thousands of jobs, and that the practice continued after the company split in two.

  • Security startup IDVector builds ephemeral connections though cloud providers to help provide security and some anonymity for users.

  • Microsoft gathers Power BI Desktop's analytics features into a handy new pane and adds new data connectors in the latest update.

  • The company's video PaaS, due out this fall, is designed to give developers the technologies they need to integrate video into their apps.

  • IBM opened a new cloud data center in Korea, bringing the number of IBM cloud data centers worldwide to 47.

  • DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft dangles Free Windows Server 2016 offer for VMware shops; IBM takes aim at Intel with upcoming Power9 chips; Nvidia unveils powerful new processor for self-driving cars; and there's more.

  • TORONTO—On Aug. 25, 1991, a student at the University of Helsinki sent out a mailing announcing a new hobby operating system project. That student was Linus Torvalds, and his hobby operating system, now known as Linux, became the most widely used OS, powering stock exchanges, supercomputers, mobile phones and much more. From Aug. 22 to 25, the Linux community gathered at the annual LinuxCon North America event here to celebrate and discuss all things Linux. A highlight of the event was the appearance of Linus Torvalds, who reminisced about the past 25 years on what has gone wrong and what has gone right with Linux. A decade ago, LinuxCon was only about Linux, but this year, the event was co-located with ContainerCon, Xen Summit and Cloud Native Day. Linux in 2016 is about more than just an operating system. It is about a wider market of open-source technologies that Linux helps enable. (Highly telling is the fact that, starting next year, the conference will be renamed the Open Source Summit.) In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at highlights of this year's LinuxCon event.

  • Garmin, a company that built its name on GPS devices for travelers, has been growing its presence in wearables in recent years. Now, the company is expanding its product lineup with the Fenix Chronos, a smartwatch that comes in three variants and offers a price tag that matches traditional luxury watches. But hiding under its attractive veneer is a full-featured smartwatch that comes with support for fitness tracking, the ability to share activity milestones via Garmin Connect, and a marketplace for apps and widgets. The smartwatch's ultimate aim is to offer a design that helps wearers transition from working out in the morning to going out at night without missing a beat. But that comes at a cost: The Garmin Fenix Chronos is an expensive smartwatch with a price tag that starts at $900 and that ultimately tops out at $1,500. Still, for that price, customers are getting what could be one of the nicer smartwatches on the market. In this eWEEK slide show, we look at the features that make the Fenix Chronos a smartwatch worth checking out.

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