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  • DoL warns that the lawsuit could cost Oracle multiple millions of dollars in federal IT contracts if it is found in litigation to be non-compliant to federal rules.

  • The latest version of Microsoft's SQL Server takes home Solid IT's database management system of the year award. Oracle maintained its overall lead in the rankings.

  • In 2016, a big trend was do-it-yourself IT, and it was truly a breakthrough year for self-service data preparation and analytics. Adoption of self-service analytics solutions skyrocketed, because business users demand the ability to analyze data without having to rely on IT. Self-service data preparation tools also experienced rapid growth, as more data users realize the technology can save them tremendous time, budget and resources by finding and accessing data from virtually any source rapidly and then preparing it for analysis in a fraction of the time that it takes using spreadsheets and other manually intensive measures. This trend will continue to expand going into 2017 and, in fact, tremendous opportunity lies ahead. We'll continue to see just as many—if not more—innovations that will persist in transforming how data scientists, data analysts and business users harness insights to deliver corporate value and improve operational processes. In this eWEEK slide show, using industry information compiled by Jon Pilkington, chief products officer at Datawatch, we offer 12 self-service data preparation and analytics predictions.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: With the coming of the IoT, enterprise IT managers are looking for fast, effective search mechanisms to keep track of all the new devices coming online.

  • The new SQL Server preview for Linux includes a bump in T-SQL module performance and expanded Linux OS support.

  • Safra Catz will remain on the job at Oracle while performing unspecified tasks for the Trump transition team.

  • Realm Scanner is a new open source mobile demo application built together with the IBM Cloud and Mobile team that uses Watson image recognition.

  • IBM is working to get enterprises to adopt blockchain database technology that the company says will bring innovative, new ways to manage data. Blockchain is, at its simplest, a digital ledger. More specifically, blockchain is a distributed database with a series of records called blocks. As more records are added, they’re timestamped and linked to each other. While Bitcoin is the best example of a technology that uses a blockchain, many companies believe it also could be employed in medical, financial and manufacturing industries. IBM is perhaps the biggest promoter of blockchain technology and on Dec. 7 it announced a new ecosystem aimed at getting enterprises to use blockchain in ways that could change how they process their business transactions. Several companies already have signed on to the ecosystem, and IBM plans to add more in the coming months. Still, there are many questions about IBM’s blockchain ecosystem and how it might impact the enterprise. This slide show will discuss blockchain in more detail and why IBM sees so much potential in it.

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