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  • IBM's Compose announced it will provide hosted services for CoreOS etcd and RabbitMQ later this month.

  • The company switches on the security-enhancing feature, providing administrators with more visibility into their cloud database operations.

  • IBM Watson is the first open cognitive computing technology platform and represents a new era in which systems understand the world in a similar way to how humans do: through senses, learning and experience. Watson has been put to work with clients and partners in diverse industries, including health care, financial services, retail and travel. IBM continues to expand Watson’s abilities, and delivers those capabilities as services to its ecosystem via the Watson Developer Cloud. This enables partners to bring their own creativity and aspirations as they build their individual cognitive businesses. This week, the company launched IBM Cognitive Business Solutions, a new services unit that taps into the company's success with Watson and analytics and draws on the expertise of more than 2,000 consulting professionals spanning machine learning, advanced analytics, data science and development. This eWEEK slide show takes a look at the growth of the Watson developer platform—including Watson Developer Cloud; Watson language, speech and data services; and IBM Cognitive Business Solutions.

  • Actiance and IBM forge a partnership to provide customers with a unified platform for communications compliance, archiving and analytics.

  • Adobe's new Analysis Workspace taps into the company's creative right-brain to help data workers get more creative with analytics.

  • MongoDB establishes itself as the database provider for innovators with "giant ideas."

  • A new Databricks survey shows that Apache Spark is seeing big adoption in the enterprise, to the point of eclipsing Apache Hadoop.

  • New features in Tesora Enterprise 1.5 include several from the upcoming OpenStack Liberty release, providing improved MongoDB and Reddis database support.

  • Think the trucking industry isn't innovative? Think again. Today's buses, cement mixers, ambulances and more are hitting the highways, equipped with telematics systems and electronic control modules that regulate the vehicles' engine and other components. Mobile connectivity delivers a wealth of data from these systems, in real time, both to truck drivers and to the fleet managers who oversee vehicles' day-to-day operations. Using advanced analytics capabilities, truck fleets can gain insights from this data that can benefit their business operations in many ways, ranging from increased on-time delivery to improved fuel economy and beyond. Thanks to growing big data infrastructure and the increased reporting frequency of telematics devices, fleets will be able to capture an increasing wealth of data and generate an exponentially greater volume of insights, which will lead to safer, more efficient and productive driving. In an industry where the ability to make money can directly relate to the ability to stay on the road and avoid downtime, it's becoming increasingly imperative for trucking fleets to take advantage of advanced diagnostics systems and the mobile capabilities that report on vehicles' status. According to Andy Minteer, director of Analytics—Internet of Things at International Trucks, these technologies are empowering closer working relationships among manufacturers, dealers, technology suppliers and truck fleets and improving vehicle performance in multiple ways.

  • Splunk, which provides an analytics platform for machine data, today announced updates to several products including Splunk MINT, Splunk Light and Hunk.

  • The new NoSQL column store database is intended to be a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra.

  • A recent Progress Software big data survey indicated that data and application integration are major challenges for users.

  • DeepSQL is a machine learning-backed relational database that adapts automatically to host and data conditions in the cloud.

  • If there is a nagging issue for the company, it's a slowdown in software sales as newer-gen companies cut into its installed base.

  • With its newly released Alteryx Analytics 10.0 platform, Alteryx provides in-database data blending and analytics on AWS Redshift.

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