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  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The richest troves of unexplored data can be found inside corporations, but only if the data's value and veracity is protected, said an MIT Sloan School IT professor.

  • The company focuses on SQL Server 2014's in-memory capabilities in its bid to siphon enterprise database workloads from rival Oracle.

  • The move is the latest by a top-tier tech firm to partner with a Hadoop distribution company to expand their big data efforts.

  • USAA announced it is using the Watson Engagement Advisor to help military members transition to civilian life.

  • Oracle's Exadata Database Machine X4-8 is powered by a custom 15-core Xeon E7 v2 processor optimized for database workloads.

  • This can run a single SQL query on Oracle's own 12C database at the same time as in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Although some brand it as "all gravy" and clever marketing, analysts agree that Apple's deal with IBM will benefit both sides.

  • Oracle's July Critical Patch Update provides fixes for 113 vulnerabilities across its software portfolio, including Java, MySQL and Oracle Database.

  • The Google Compute Engine platform now offers one-click deployment for Apache Cassandra database clusters, making setup easier for IT users.

  • Moving between SQL Database for Azure service tiers is easier. Customers can now move up (and down) SQL database cloud performance tiers with just a few clicks.

  • Most business people would give anything—well, almost anything—to know ahead of time what is going to happen in their company. We're talking about predicting how much stock to order ahead of an expected sales spike and what types of customers new products will attract, as well as knowing what customers really think about the company. These things can be accomplished using forms of big data analytics. With an estimated market size of $16.1 billion, according to Gartner Research, the big data products and services fulfillment world is growing six times faster than the overall IT market itself. So how does a company go from investing in big data analytics to making it a daily competitive advantage for their business? How is this integrated into the workflow so that people on the front lines can make better decisions, work more productively and take more efficient actions? This eWEEK slide show, based on our reporting plus industry insight from Gayle Sheppard, CEO of analytics provider Saffron Technology, examines some noteworthy data points.

  • On topics from algorithms to machine learning to robotics and more, Google publishes lots of research and is sharing the best of its 2013 findings.

  • From playing games and shopping online to cashing checks on the go and getting real-time updates on the daily commute, the demand for mobile technology is huge, global and growing. Leaders in all industries are unlocking this growth opportunity in mobile with the help of what IBM calls smarter IT infrastructure, cloud and analytics. The right mix of hardware, software and services enables companies to streamline their day-to-day business operations and develop innovative mobile apps and content to serve customers better and grow business. The following examples outline how vast the growth of mobile is and how businesses are supporting their bottom lines and paving the way to a more mobile future with advanced, efficient IT infrastructure. For instance, one bank recently added cloud capabilities that are expected to improve the bank's application availability and reduce end-of-day batch processing time for daily transactions from more than 13 hours to 70 minutes. This greater operational efficiency will allow the bank to focus more on introducing innovative banking products for customers and less on managing daily business operations. With information gleaned from IBM cases, eWEEK lists several such instances of smarter IT infrastructure at work in the mobile arena.

  • A survey of data scientists reveals it is not only the volume of data but the different types of data collected that is causing storage headaches.

  • CEO Meg Whitman and HP board are absolved, but former Autonomy executives will not be exempt from any subsequent litigation.

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