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  • Microsoft outdoes itself at this year's Build developer conference, introducing a new cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor and more.

  • Microsoft eases the way for all developers to get their apps into the Windows Store with new tooling for Web, iOS, Android, .NET and Win32.

  • Google has produced a new data templating language called Jsonnet, a portmanteau of JSON and sonnet, that generates JSON.

  • Microsoft announced it is dissolving its MS Open Tech open-source unit, claiming the company has met its goals and is on the right track.

  • A survey on security workforce trends finds that security professionals' top worry are bugs in applications, but that concern is not translating into secure development practices.

  • Zend and Microsoft struck a strategic agreement to make Zend's Z-Ray PHP debugging technology available on the Microsoft Azure platform.

  • npm Inc. raised $8 million in series A funding and introduced a new Private Modules feature that allows for sharing and re-using private code.

  • SmartBear delivered a new TestComplete plug-in for the open-source Jenkins continuous integration tool.

  • Black Duck's new Black Duck Hub open source security solution helps development teams check the security of open source in their code bases.

  • IBM and NASA are teaming to sponsor the NASA Space App Challenge, a code-a-thon for developers to build space-related apps on IBM's Bluemix PaaS.

  • The .NET Foundation, which is tasked with overseeing the open-sourcing of .NET, has named a new executive director.

  • Evans Data and IDC research shows the ranks of female software developers growing.

  • Building successful applications for mobile users often involves an investment in hardware, software and training. Even so, traditional application development approaches still require significant time and effort to achieve anything worthwhile. WaveMaker aims to put a positive spin on the software development process by incorporating project management, an integrated development environment (IDE), and rapid application development and designing into a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment. This greatly reduces development times and helps enterprises deliver functional AngularJS applications in a fraction of the time it takes with the typical waterfall development approach. (AngularJS is an open-source Web application development framework well-suited to producing compact apps that run on mobile devices as well as the Web.) What's more, WaveMaker offers innovations such as SmartLayouts, which provide preconfigured device views, prefabs (prefabricated code for reusability) and an API designer, which brings simplicity to integrating applications. WaveMaker Studio also offers full compatibility with Maven-enabled projects, allowing coders to use the IDE of their choice.

  • Apigee's new Apigee Link offering enables device makers to connect to the Internet of things via REST APIs.

  • Demand is growing for a new generation of enterprise computing professionals armed with the expertise to address the mobile, big data and analytics trends. One way to prepare the next generation of computing pros is to train programmers to work with the mainframe. IBM's mainframes have long served as the core hub by major businesses for processing data and transactions. As mobile transactions are growing exponentially, the recently unveiled z13 takes that capability into the digital economy and helps companies meet customer expectations for speed and safety for trillions of transactions in the mobile economy. Learning to work with mainframes gives young programmers a career edge. Hosted at high schools, colleges and universities across the globe, the IBM Master the Mainframe contest is designed to give students mainframe knowledge and real-world experience using enterprise computing skills. 74,000 students across the globe have competed in the Master the Mainframe contests since they began in 2004 and 8,100 students competed this past year. The program will crown overall global winners next year with the 2016 World Championship. Take a look at this year's winners.

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