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  • The Samsung Gear VR virtual reality device works in conjunction with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and will retail for $199 by itself or for $249 with a Bluetooth gamepad.

  • The .NET Foundation is moving to a new governance model to help with its oversight of Microsoft's open-sourcing of the .NET development environment.

  • Every company is a software company. As a result, software development teams have achieved new levels of strategic importance in the enterprise. No longer are developers relegated to back-office tasks. They now drive innovation and profit. But they are often limited to what they can accomplish, especially in well-established enterprises with longstanding policies and ways of doing business. These inherent roadblocks impede the adoption of certain software development methodologies, particularly those within Agile frameworks. This keeps enterprises from realizing the benefits of Agile development: faster release cycles, higher quality software, more innovative products, and the ability to meet accelerating user demands and changing business prerogatives. This eWEEK slide show, based on real-world insight from Catalyst IT Services, will review four roadblocks to Agile adoption in the enterprise. It will then offer four ways enterprises can overcome these roadblocks, convince the naysayers of Agile's value and reap its benefits.

  • By taking .NET cross-platform and open-sourcing the technology, Microsoft wants to be all things to all developers.

  • As DevOps practices continue to gain momentum in enterprise IT shops, Microsoft is increasing its investment in DevOps support in its tooling platform.

  • Broadcom is adding channel partners that will address demand around the Internet of things, while Cisco is creating new IoT specializations.

  • Ten years after the first Firefox 1.0 release, Mozilla emphasizes its core strengths of privacy and developer focus.

  • Within the hospitality vertical, travel is becoming a go-to software development destination, and mobile devices are a natural target.

  • Cloud9 says its research shows that developers using cloud-based environments prefer them to desktop IDEs.

  • Microsoft released a preview of RemoteIE, which enables developers to test IE on Windows 10 preview from a variety of operating systems.

  • Since the term first appeared in 2009, DevOps (a portmanteau of Developer and Operations) has been gradually gaining momentum, with a wider acceptance across organizations of all sizes. The impact of the Internet, cloud computing and open-source software has increased customer expectations, introduced more technology choices and democratized access to massive computing resources. This has produced a greater demand for software and services that deliver business value quicker than ever before. It is a perfect storm for disruption, and DevOps is increasingly seen as the kind of change the industry requires to cope with these conditions. Rackspace and Vanson Bourne recently commissioned a survey of 700 global technology decision-makers about the adoption of DevOps initiatives for application delivery. The results show a clear business value from implementing DevOps. In general, the drive behind implementing DevOps seems to have shifted from a desire to unite traditionally disparate cultures within a company to improve short-term project delivery and processes toward a focus on improving customer satisfaction with a long-term positive impact on the overall business. The following slides show some of the most compelling survey findings. You can see the entire survey report here.

  • The annual SecTor conference in Toronto has emerged as one of the larger security conferences in North America. This year's event covered a mix of topics, including management practices, security fundamentals and more involved technical discussions on how attacks occur today. One highlight of the recent event was a keynote from Chris Valasek, director of vehicle security research at IOActive. Valasek has emerged in the last few years as a leading expert on automotive security, as cars increasingly employ advanced digital components. Felix Linder, founder and technical researcher lead of Recurity GmbH, also keynoted at SecTor 2014. During his address, titled "The Extinction of Trust," Linder outlined the status of nation-state involvement in cyber-attacks. Linder stressed during his keynote that while there is no shortage of vendors that will sell tools to help organizations defend against cyber-attacks, the critical element is having the right people. Linder noted that organizations must have people trained to used the right security tools and understand what is needed to defend their organizations from attacks. This slide show takes a look at conference highlights.

  • Microsoft announced a bunch of new features for Office 365 developers, including new APIs and new and improved support for iOS and Android mobile development.

  • At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich laid out the giant chip maker's ambitions in the burgeoning Internet of things (IoT) and wearable computing markets. The company had been late to the mobile computing trend with smartphones and tablets, and executives have been determined not to miss this new opportunity. Intel has built a business unit dedicated to IoT, created the Quark family of chips for IoT, rolled out the Galileo and Edison IoT development platforms, and has showcased its role in a range of wearable devices, from fashion bracelets to smartwatches to ear buds. On Oct. 21, Intel announced $28 million in investments in several Chinese companies that are making smart devices. Also at CES, Intel announced a contest called "Make It Wearable," which included $1.3 million in awards to the best wearable computing designs. The chip maker recently announced the 10 finalists in the competition, with the winners scheduled to be announced Nov. 3. This eWEEK slide show shows the wearable devices that made the top 10 list. (Images by Intel)

  • Genuitec's free GapDebug tool provides a simple debugging solution for developers building PhoneGap applications.

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