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  • A recent Evans Data survey shows that mobile developers are releasing app with up to 10 bugs in them, only to be fixed in an update.

  • In moving to a cloud cadence, Microsoft initially adopted Agile methodologies and then took a journey to DevOps to turn out better software faster.

  • IBM announces the delivery of Bluemix Local, its platform as a service (PaaS) that runs behind an organization's firewall.

  • A recent Code School survey offers information on traits in youth that may indicate a future in computer science.

  • In delivering new services to its Azure Data Lake, Microsoft debuted a new query language known as U-SQL.

  • According to a recent Intuit survey, citizen developers are gaining power and beginning to push digital transformation within the enterprise.

  • In addition to Otto, HashiCorp launched Nomad, an open-source scheduler for deployment and resource maximization.

  • FLIR Systems' thermal, measurement and imaging technology is used for everything from airborne and ground-based surveillance to research and development, search and rescue, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) threat detection. The company recently branched into the consumer arena with the FLIR One, which turns iOS and Android devices into thermal imaging cameras, and the FLIR FX, a line of home-monitoring systems. Now, FLIR is taking the thermal imaging core of these consumer products, the FLIR Lepton, to makers, manufacturers and developers, to see where their imaginations take them. Smaller than a fingernail, Lepton is a long-wave infrared imager that is 10 times less expensive than traditional thermal cameras. Through the FLIR One Developer Program, developers have access to FLIR One with Lepton and software development kits to help them get started on projects. FLIR has even hosted hackathon events in San Francisco and London—with online events coming—that gave developers an opportunity to compete for prizes for the best FLIR One-based apps. This slide show presents details about FLIR's thermal imaging legacy and the company's thermal imaging technology program for developers, and highlights recent innovative projects.

  • JetBrains announced changes to its new subscription model after developer customers complained that the policy went too far and would cost too much.

  • IBM acquires StrongLoop in a move to bolster its Node.js talent and help developers build APIs for mobile, Internet of Things and Web applications.

  • Intel released Studio 2016, a tools suite to help developers build smarter solutions for connected devices across system and embedded platforms.

  • Facebook extended its Parse Internet of things line of SDKs with new ones supporting Atmel, Broadcom, Intel and TI hardware.

  • The Node.js landscape saw a bit of a reset today as Nodejitsu transitioned its Node customers to Modulus for continued PaaS support.

  • No more ugly, off-putting Office add-ins. A new framework helps developers maintain a look and feel that is consistent with the new Office user experience.

  • Embarcadero Technologies released its RAD Studio 10 Seattle developer toolset, which squarely targets Windows 10 development.

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