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  • Google aims to bring fast decision-making to software and product development processes by using something it calls "design sprints." Here's how they work.

  • Lenovo announced a new partnership with the National Academy Foundation to help train the next generation of mobile app developers.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: By being perceived as overly extravagant, big IT companies will be the first ones blamed for a new tech bubble burst when it happens.

    by being perceived as extravagant, these companies will be the first ones blamed for it, whether or not they are actually guilty of touching it off. - See more at:
    by being perceived as extravagant, these companies will be the first ones blamed for it, whether or not they are actually guilty of touching it off. - See more at:

  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offers ease of use and speedy time-to-market for business apps—sometimes even without the IT department getting involved. But are organizations really adopting the technology? If so, to what end? A 700-person survey from app development and data integration company Progress points to soaring demand for PaaS architecture from organizations looking for faster development and deployment cycles. More importantly, companies are seeing real business benefits from its speed, agility and scalability in addressing challenges related to mobile app development and big data, when compared with non-PaaS users. The findings also show that we're entering a new age of "Develop Your Own Application" (DYOA) geared toward meeting ever-changing business requirements. "The rise of DYOA is the latest trend to reshape the way we work. It's never been easier to develop an application that can allow your business, a department, or even a specific individual to be more productive, regardless of your coding skills," said Matt Robinson, vice president of technology at Progress. "This study shows that, despite the relative ease of today's application development and deployment processes, there's still a huge appetite to be able to improve these cycles by making them quicker and better. The benefits of using a rapid application development PaaS to improve speed and productivity should not be lost in the excitement of the DYOA age, and this research reveals that many are beginning to wake up to the benefits they can provide." This slide show offers 10 such benefits to PaaS usage.

  • An Evans Data survey shows that developers rank application lifecycle management tools as most satisfying to use, but not necessarily most important.

  • Both the OIC and AllSeen are working on standards to improve communication between connected devices, but risk fragmentation in the process.

  • InterSystems' new Zen Mojo technology leverages JSON to simplify development of Web-based enterprise apps for mobile and desktop platforms.

  • The startup has created a development kit for building connected devices and an operating system to link them.

  • The push toward more Agile, open-source development has driven developers to cooperate more by using social media tools and collaborative environments.

  • Microsoft's updated Kinect sensor, which is already shipping with the Xbox One, will be available for Windows users in mid-July.

  • From playing games and shopping online to cashing checks on the go and getting real-time updates on the daily commute, the demand for mobile technology is huge, global and growing. Leaders in all industries are unlocking this growth opportunity in mobile with the help of what IBM calls smarter IT infrastructure, cloud and analytics. The right mix of hardware, software and services enables companies to streamline their day-to-day business operations and develop innovative mobile apps and content to serve customers better and grow business. The following examples outline how vast the growth of mobile is and how businesses are supporting their bottom lines and paving the way to a more mobile future with advanced, efficient IT infrastructure. For instance, one bank recently added cloud capabilities that are expected to improve the bank's application availability and reduce end-of-day batch processing time for daily transactions from more than 13 hours to 70 minutes. This greater operational efficiency will allow the bank to focus more on introducing innovative banking products for customers and less on managing daily business operations. With information gleaned from IBM cases, eWEEK lists several such instances of smarter IT infrastructure at work in the mobile arena.

  • Microsoft enhanced its partnership with Perfecto Mobile to enable Visual Studio users to more easily test apps on multiple device platforms.

  • Google Play Services 5.0 has been rolled out around the world, offering new features and capabilities for inclusion in a variety of apps.

  • Developers will be able to get training from Google in 11 cities, as the company takes its Cloud Platform training sessions on the road starting July 21.

  • Microsoft acquires SyntaxTree, the maker of UnityVS, a Visual Studio plug-in for developers using the Unity cross-platform game engine.

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