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  • Rally Software made an initial donation of $50,000 to Code for America to help empower citizen engineers to build solutions for municipalities.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Python 2.x was supposed to be long gone by now. Instead, it's getting security fixes to keep legacy users current.

  • OpenStack development is on fire. The number of OpenStack Foundation members has exceeded 18,000 individuals over the past two years, spanning beyond 140 countries and 2,500 contributing developers. This community continues to gain momentum as many established technology and service companies are making the move from evaluation to deployment. That being said, OpenStack development is one of the most desired skills in enterprise IT and, consequently, there is a rise in demand for new developers and contributors. But despite OpenStack's growing momentum, there are still obstacles to overcome converting proprietary developers to open source. The reality is there is a multitude of myths about joining the OpenStack community, which is deterring developers from participating as frequently as they could be. With help from SUSE's OpenStack development team, eWEEK exposes common OpenStack development myths, shedding light on the truth of how to become more involved in this fast-growing community.

  • Microsoft acquired HockeyApp to bring analytics and app distribution to developers of iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps.

  • Yahoo said it will announce new developer tools and offer insights, guidance and solutions to navigate the complicated mobile app market.

  • SMAC is an acronym for social, mobile, analytics and cloud IT, and eventually the bulk of all technology is going to touch one or more of those categories.

  • Mendix brings its no-code, rapid application development platform to the OpenStack-based HP Helion Cloud.

  • API framework provider Restlet has delivered a complete API platform, with a new Web-based IDE and platform as a service.

  • Haven OnDemand will become a key component in HP's future because it is a catch-all package that provides cloud-based access to analytics options.

  • The Samsung Gear VR virtual reality device works in conjunction with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and will retail for $199 by itself or for $249 with a Bluetooth gamepad.

  • The .NET Foundation is moving to a new governance model to help with its oversight of Microsoft's open-sourcing of the .NET development environment.

  • Every company is a software company. As a result, software development teams have achieved new levels of strategic importance in the enterprise. No longer are developers relegated to back-office tasks. They now drive innovation and profit. But they are often limited to what they can accomplish, especially in well-established enterprises with longstanding policies and ways of doing business. These inherent roadblocks impede the adoption of certain software development methodologies, particularly those within Agile frameworks. This keeps enterprises from realizing the benefits of Agile development: faster release cycles, higher quality software, more innovative products, and the ability to meet accelerating user demands and changing business prerogatives. This eWEEK slide show, based on real-world insight from Catalyst IT Services, will review four roadblocks to Agile adoption in the enterprise. It will then offer four ways enterprises can overcome these roadblocks, convince the naysayers of Agile's value and reap its benefits.

  • By taking .NET cross-platform and open-sourcing the technology, Microsoft wants to be all things to all developers.

  • As DevOps practices continue to gain momentum in enterprise IT shops, Microsoft is increasing its investment in DevOps support in its tooling platform.

  • Broadcom is adding channel partners that will address demand around the Internet of things, while Cisco is creating new IoT specializations.

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