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  • The global IT market generates trillions of dollars in revenue each year. However, in the past few years, some segments, such as hardware sales, have shrunk. Other segments, including data center systems, have shown only modest revenue growth. So far this year, total IT spending is much lower than it was expected to be, which means IT providers are looking for a rebound in spending during 2017. According to new research from Gartner, they might get their wish. The research firm on Oct. 19 issued its Worldwide IT Spending Forecast, which projects that IT spending will pick up in 2017, thanks to increasing interest in software and communications services. Hardware spending, which has taken a beating in the past few years, is also expected to increase in 2017, according to Gartner. As in the past, IT services will continue to be in high demand. Overall, Gartner says, the IT market’s prospects for 2017 look bright. This slide show will highlight some of the major points in the Gartner forecast, which was collected from an analysis of thousands of sales worldwide. 

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The newly upgraded Antares commercial spacecraft is on its way to the International Space Station with a load of supplies and scientific research equipment.

  • IBM said its Strategic Imperatives—cloud, Watson and analytics, security, social and mobile technologies—drew $8 billion in Q3 of 2016, yet revenues were flat.

  • Improving diversity in the workforces of U.S. tech companies represents an economic opportunity of potentially $570 billion, according a joint report from Intel and strategy advisory firm Dalberg. On Oct. 6, The Anita Borg Institute (ABI), a nonprofit focused on the advancement of women in computing, announced the 25 finalists for its Top Companies for Women Technologists Leadership Index, an award that will be presented Oct. 19 at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing. ABI evaluated 60 companies with more than 1.4 million U.S. employees to come up with its list of 25, which includes all previous years' winners (American Express, Bank of America, BNY Mellon, IBM and Intel), as well as companies in which technical roles comprise an average of 47 percent of the workforce. For the first time, it also measured programs and policies that help make a business a great workplace for women, including flex time, leadership development programs, and maternity and paternity leave. Telle Whitney, president and CEO of ABI, said in statement that the index provides an "apples to apples definition" of a technical workforce and clear examples of how diversity efforts are creating change. "The only way to drive change and improve how many technical roles are held by women is not through popularity contests, but through data, measurement and accountability," said Whitney. The following slide show highlights 10 of the companies competing for the prize. The full list can be viewed here.

  • Every business needs IT help, but not all are big enough to have an in-house IT staff. We asked an IT contractor about the advice he gives and how to hire wisely.

  • As Apple's revenue-generating Services act as a counter-balance to its falling iPhone sales, it plans to bring together its Service teams at Infinite Loop, says a report.

  • Spiceworks, the professional network for the IT industry, has published its annual State of IT report, and once again, the findings have a mix of good and bad news for the industry. The survey results, which include responses from nearly 900 IT professionals around the globe, show that spending on corporate IT will remain relatively flat in 2017. Furthermore, IT professionals said they don't anticipate hiring more colleagues and indicated they will continue spending the most money on security and cloud computing in the next year. They noted concerns about national politics and how they might affect their operations and decision-making. They also picked the company they believe offers the most innovative solutions for their operational pain points. Overall, 2017 will look a lot like 2016, according to the report, but there are signs of hope that the status quo will be upended in the future. This slide show discusses the findings of Spiceworks' 2017 State of IT report and highlights the many things that IT professionals are thinking about as they look ahead to a fast-approaching new year.

  • The Labor Dept. studied job candidates and hires for three listings and found the ratio of Asians to non-Asians that Palantir hired showed bias against Asian candidates.

  • CA Technologies announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire BlazeMeter, which produces performance testing tools for DevOps.

  • The move will expand OpenText's information management capabilities while enable Dell to shed a profitable but non-essential business.

  • Digital Ocean, a popular cloud platform provider, debuts a program to give training, mentoring and infrastructure credits to startups.

  • The deal between Micro Focus and HPE Software will create a strong Agile and DevOps solution provider in the newly merged Micro Focus entity.

  • Instead of pulling the plug, as expected, Microsoft sold the MSN China web portal to XiChuang Technology.

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook vehemently disagrees and says his company will appeal the EU's ruling. Analysts say the battle opens key taxation issues.

  • With Congress stymying the Startup Visa in 2011, the Obama administration has  proposed a new pro-immigrant entrepreneur rule that is unbeholden to Congress.

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