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  • Unisys reported its second quarter results showing a revenue increase in its technology segment of nearly 31 percent.

  • New standard combines three key metrics—PUE ratio, IT Thermal Conformance and IT Thermal Resilience—to supply needed real-time visibility into data centers.

  • In an email to employees, IBM's CEO Ginni Rometty says Big Blue has hired more than 30,000 new employees this year.

  • Like those who disavow climate change, there are still a number of stubborn business and IT leaders who deny that digital technologies have transformed the business landscape. The belief is that this is yet another over-hyped IT fad that will soon blow over. This thinking has surfaced often in the past, namely with technologies, such as the Internet and the cloud. But this one isn't going away, either. Digital disruption has changed how we live and communicate, and those factors have moved the faces of business onto smartphone and PC screens. The old rules no longer apply, and that's a tough reality to face. Digital disruption is now part of our daily existence. It's time, and highly appropriate, for businesses of all sizes to face this new dynamic and begin to plan for a more integrated, technical future. In this eWEEK slide show, we use frontline industry information from Bedford, Mass.-based Progress Software, which came up with 12 actionable principles an organization must consider as it plans for digital transformation.

  • IBM sees yet another quarterly decline in the second quarter of 2016, but the company's cloud and cognitive computing efforts seem to be paying off.

  • Forrester analysts in a report say uncertainty will cause technology spending in the UK and Europe to be flat or grow weakly over the next two years.

  • Ev Williams, Steve Wozniak and a who’s who of tech leaders signed an open letter, sharing concerns about the impact Trump could have on innovation.

  • Beginning with data science, the software giant aims to help close the IT skills gap with its new Microsoft Professional Degree program.

  • Microsoft's latest attempt to connect with millennials fell flat. Social media's reaction to a Microsoft recruiter's slang-filled email was swift and brutal.

  • The TEKsystems survey also revealed programmers and developers, project managers and software engineers remained highly difficult-to-fill positions.

  • Burnout leads to job hunting, says a new report. How do you keep people happy and motivated? Thoughtful office design, up-to-date tech and fresh fruit go a long way.

  • An email leaked to a Facebook page that watches IBM indicates the tech behemoth plans to trim its staff in the Netherlands for the first time ever.

  • The software giant announces changes to its executive lineup as its Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner prepares to depart at the end of the month to run Citadel Securities.

  • On June 23, the people of Britain voted for a British exit (Brexit) from the European Union (EU) in a historic referendum. After the vote, the pound fell to its lowest level since 1985 and David Cameron resigned as prime minister. The impact of this exit vote will have international consequences for everything from banking and employment to privacy and data management. While it's too early to predict exactly how the Brexit vote will affect the global economy and international business practices, it's important for organizations in every country to think ahead. While it will be business as usual until more information is known, it may be best to start planning about how to best communicate with customers, partners and investors. Also, evaluate your company as well as competitors in your industry as to how regulatory changes will be addressed. How will your company adapt to changes related to corporate taxes and HR laws? Consider Brexit's impact on your workforce, data privacy and data management. After speaking with the executive team at SugarCRM regarding Brexit, eWEEK came up with five items today's businesses should think about based on the company's observations.

  • IBM joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a blockchain lobby, to push for government support of blockchain for financial services and other uses.

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