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  • Foreign hackers already have performed reconnaissance-type missions in order to determine how networks function and to find the weaknesses in them.

  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who had been mysterious about his next assignment, has joined virtalization startup Primary Data as its first chief scientist.

  • IT and legal departments don't always see eye-to-eye, especially when it comes to data management. They often disagree on what to retain, when to back up data, who does what and more. When litigation occurs, the two teams must work together seamlessly to identify relevant documents for e-discovery, the electronic exchange of documents during litigation or investigations. With the prevalence of big data, some e-discovery cases have grown to nearly 200 million documents (imagine processing and reviewing 5,200 employees' emails from an entire year, about 38,325 per person)—an avalanche of data for legal teams to sift through, meaning high costs for companies. If the two departments are unable to bridge the gap, they risk running over on budgets and dealing with costly sanctions if relevant data isn't identified or is inadvertently destroyed. But if IT and legal can learn to play nice, the benefits will unfold quickly. Legal teams can have better insight to potential litigation, IT teams will be spared the headache before and during litigation, and overall, the process will run more smoothly. In this eWEEK slide show, e-discovery software provider kCura offers eight tips for how the two departments can work together more effectively for a better litigation outcome.

  • The company's portable health tracker can be carried in a purse or pocket, or mounted on the company's customized iPhone case or keychain.

  • IBM, along with its partners, has launched an effort to take its innovative P-TECH school model nationwide to create as many as 100 schools by 2016.

  • New-gen capabilities help companies hire the right people, manage workforces and keep financials sharp by providing insights derived through facts.

  • The investment is designed to help deliver telehealth to patients in locations nationwide, including retail pharmacy stores such as Rite Aid.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: With a torrent of new products and services, BlackBerry is asking enterprises to again give the company a chance to prove itself.

  • Patients will be able to access complete NHS records on their smartphone by 2018.

  • Okta has built upon a highly regarded cloud-based identity platform and will automate end-to-end scenarios in a way that wasn't possible previously.

  • CIOs aren't the only ones whose departments are being affected by the cloud. Some CFOs are also witnessing major changes, including to the bottom line.

  • Top challenges to successful business transformation are related to the ability to accurately account for, predict and build contingencies around risk.

  • MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Hollywood glamour and showbiz panache came to Silicon Valley Nov. 9 in the form of the second annual Breakthrough Prizes, which took place at the brilliantly lit and staged Hangar One at NASA Ames Federal Airfield. Hangar One, built for the old Navy dirigible, the Macon, dates back to the 1920s but is currently being refurbished. The awards, given to innovative scientific scholars and inventors, are sponsored by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan, Google co-founder Sergei Brin and Anne Wojcicki, and IT investors Yuri and Julie Milner. A total of $36 million ($3 million to each of 12 winners) was doled out for the Prizes. Singer, author and television producer Seth MacFarlane was the emcee, and a number of Hollywood entertainers were on the bill as either performers or presenters, including Christina Aguilera, Jon Hamm and Kate Beckinsale. The event replay will be televised Nov. 15 on both the Discovery and Sci-Fi channels. Here are some of the photo highlights of the event. (All photos by Chris Preimesberger, eWEEK)

  • The leadership change comes after questions surrounding Shaygan Kheradpir's negotiations with an unnamed customer.

  • Awards honor scientists who "refuse to accept conventional wisdom, question everything, and venture into new worlds," Alibaba's Jack Ma said.

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