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  • Google has caused a stir in the wireless market with a new service it's calling Project Fi. The offering allows users to connect to a WiFi network to make calls and access data. But if there is no wireless network within range, it will automatically default to a Sprint or T-Mobile LTE connection. The Project Fi service has been designed to "intelligently" choose the best connection, depending on what service is available in a given area. With Project Fi, Google has unveiled a new way for people to use their mobile phones. If they so choose, Project Fi users can forgo their reliance on service providers such Verizon and AT&T and go with an alternative carrier model that on paper at least seems to make a lot of sense. But before you decide to cut all ties with your current mobile service provider in favor of Project Fi, be aware that there are some limitations and the platform isn't as robust as Google might like you to believe. It appears to be a good first step, but Google has to do a lot more work before Project Fi proves itself as a viable alternative to the established wireless services. Take a look at the details in this slide show.

  • In a terse statement, Nokia, which sold its Lumia smartphone line to Microsoft in 2014, denied recent reports that it would again build and sell smartphones in 2016.

  • Aiming to increase its global sales footprint, Acer unveiled convertible notebook/tablet devices, fitness and fashion bands and a gaming desktop, laptop and tablet.

  • The chip company is unveiling the latest of its safety support functions for its SoC designs, aimed at the Cortex-A chip family.

  • Security firms find mobile malware does not currently pose a significant threat. Many factors make malware a rare occurrence on mobile devices, Damballa said.

  • With federal regulators looking at the deal with concern, Comcast has decided to terminate its bid to merge with Time Warner Cable in a deal that would have created a cable mega-empire in the U.S.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: A lot of the success of Google's Project Fi wireless service will depend on how efficiently its shared network architecture works, say analysts.

  • The China-based computer maker announced some 40 new smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices at a global product event in New York City on April 23.

  • The new school-aimed HP notebooks and convertible laptops/tablets will arrive in May and June, with a host of processor and memory choices, as well as lots of vivid color options.

  • New research from NPD suggests that as smartphones become more ubiquitous, buyers of these devices have become significantly older and less affluent.

  • Initially just for Nexus 6 smartphone users, the mobile phone service will cost users $20 a month, plus data will be billed only for what is used at $10 per GB.

  • Yes, the algorithm changes will make life difficult for many Website owners, but for smartphone and tablet-crazy consumers, I think that this is a long-awaited change for the better.

  • Newer 802.11ac WiFi device shipments are expected to hit 71 million units by the end of 2015 as the latest devices are deployed instead of older 802.11n units, according to a report.

  • OnePlus is a company many smartphone buyers may not be familiar with, but it's one that more people should get to know better. The China-based smartphone maker produces the OnePlus One, which has hit 1 million unit sales in just a year on the store shelves, helping it to become one of the more notable new mobile companies in the market. A key component in the OnePlus One's appeal is its ability to deliver a high-end experience featuring the latest hardware components with a price that cannot be beaten by other upper-echelon products. The OnePlus One is a smartphone that deserves more attention and one that, with perhaps more marketing resources behind it and a somewhat more sophisticated product design, could very well find a place among some of the giants in the handset market someday. Now that the OnePlus One has just been released for wide public sale, it's a good time to examine the OnePlus One to see what makes it special. Sales won't hit the stratospheric levels of the latest Apple iPhone or Samsung models. But the One is an outstanding product for people looking for an alternative Android handset.

  • To encourage more iOS developers to build apps for the Apple Watch soon, Apple is offering them special expedited availability to buy a blue Apple Watch Sport with delivery by April 28.

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