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  • Steve Ballmer is officially out at Microsoft. After a tenure that saw him move up the ranks at the technology giant and eventually reach the top, Ballmer has stepped down from the company's board to focus on his National Basketball Association team, the Los Angeles Clippers. It's an end of an era of sorts for Microsoft, and that it's news that he has left the company speaks to the important role he has played at the software giant and the indelible mark he left on it over the last several decades. Given that, and given the importance of Ballmer to the technology industry as a whole, it's a good time to take a look back at his career at Microsoft and the many events that made his tenure special. From being the first employee to impress Bill Gates enough to become chief executive to watching the mobile movement overtake his strategic plan, Ballmer has had his fair share of ups and downs. In the following slides, eWEEK examines those ups and downs and talks about the key events in Ballmer's career that made him such a polarizing figure for so many people across the globe.

  • Current users of Microsoft phones will also be encouraged to move to the Opera Mini browser, according to Opera officials.

  • Barnes & Noble, the prominent bookseller, has had a hard time growing the sales of the Nook tablet in the face of fierce competition from the Amazon Kindle—not to mention all the other tablets on the market. But it will keep trying with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, a 7-inch, co-branded tablet that is one part Android tablet and one part e-reader. The companies announced at a special press event on Aug. 20 that the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is the first device yet to offer full tablet features while still focusing on the reading experience. The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is by no means a groundbreaking tablet. The device is essentially the existing Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, but it comes with some additional software that the companies say differentiate it from the existing product. It's perhaps also worth noting that the device's price starts at $179, making it one of the cheaper slates on the market. Barnes & Noble is sweetening the pot even more by offering $200 in freebies to entice customers to buy the new tablet. This slide show examines whether Samsung's take on the Nook tablet with its low price and supplemental software is worth a second look.

  • The Nokia Lumia line of candy-colored smartphones has a variety of hues, but each device is green on the inside, according to Microsoft.

  • Glass users will also get more voice command options and other features, including a new currency converter service using Google Now.

  • The companies kick off a pilot program to help diabetics better manage their condition with Windows Phones.

  • T-Mobile is offering a year of unlimited free cellular data to Simple Choice customers who get a friend or relative to switch to the company from a competitor.

  • The CEO of Local Motors explains to LinuxCon attendees why the future of automobiles is open.

  • The Hewlett-Packard Chromebook 11 is one of the more prominent Chromebooks on the market right now. In fact, lately when people surf to Google's Chromebook site, they'll find that it's the device Google features first on the page and the one that arguably comes with the best features for the price. The Chromebook 11, in other words, is one of models that showcase just how important Chromebooks have become to the market these days. Recently reports surfaced suggesting that Microsoft wants to slow Chromebooks' sales growth. The company is reportedly working with HP to deliver a new Chromebook alternative running Windows 8.1 that could be known as the Stream 14. That product, according to reports, will be designed to be both lightweight and simple to try to compete in the same market sector as Chromebooks. Despite these plans, the focus today should be on the HP Chromebook 11 and Chromebook 14 as well as the features that set these devices apart from the crowd. eWEEK examines what people should know about HP's Chromebooks and what they should think about before making a decision to buy any lightweight computer.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Broadcasters cry foul over plans to relocate and repackage broadcast channels, claiming reduced access to audiences.

  • CloudVolumes' software is designed for terminal servers, desktops, and servers, eliminating lock-ins of service providers and hypervisors.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The revenue increase is largely due to improving sales of new-generation laptop PCs, on which HP has focused a lot of investment.

  • Microsoft continues to narrow the functionality gap between the mobile versions of its note-taking app.

  • The new phone will retail for $279.99 through and be available starting Aug. 27.

  • The move comes after Ballmer takes ownership of an NBA basketball team, the Los Angeles Clippers.

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