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  • The Moto X Style, the Moto X Play and the updated Moto G all aim at different markets and price targets to attract new buyers.

  • The Samsung Unpacked event will be held in New York City as the company seeks to gain brash attention for its latest smartphones.

  • As it adds more customers, T-Mobile is trying to bulk up its IT staff in Seattle, where it is seeking skilled workers in software, systems and more.

  • Salesforce has opened an AppExchange for its Lightning Components to enable developers to meet the immense demand for mobile business applications running on smartphones and tablets.

  • About 69 percent of users leave a Website instead of downloading an app that could improve their online experience, according to the study.

  • T-Mobile customers can choose from a waterproof Kyocera smartphone, two Samsung phones, an HTC Desire 626 phone and an Alcatel 7-inch tablet.

  • Best Buy will be the first non-Apple U.S. retailer to sell the smartwatches, which will be available in 300 Best Buy stores by the Christmas holidays.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Imagine a day when BlackBerry no longer builds enterprise smartphones. We spoke with several BlackBerry leaders about the possibility.

  • Under the FCC approval, AT&T has to meet several conditions, including offering broadband to low-income customers at discounted prices.

  • The most recent of BlackBerry's software acquisitions again shows its continuing moves into mobile security software for the enterprise.

  • The company also announced that it gained another 410,000 postpaid contract wireless customers and 331,000 prepaid wireless customers in Q2.

  • The cellular-enabled tablet appears on these shores just days before Microsoft's big Windows 10 launch. Two unlocked versions, 64GB and 128GB, are available.

  • Qualcomm started the year off on a down note when Samsung decided not to use the chip maker's new Snapdragon 10 system-on-a-chip (SoC) in its upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone. That, combined with the dominance of Samsung and Apple of the high-end premium smartphone market—which Qualcomm executives say is more than 80 percent, limiting Qualcomm's access to that space—has helped put a squeeze on the chip maker's revenues. That and pressure from investor Jana Partners to return more to shareholders has fueled speculation over the past few months about what moves Qualcomm officials might make to shore up its business. CEO Steve Mollenkopf this week began laying out what will be a significant restructuring of the company, which will include job cuts, a reworking of the board of directors, changes in executive compensation and the continuation of a review of the business that could lead to breaking the company in two. Mollenkopf said the moves are necessary to deal with a dynamic market, but Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst with Moor Insights and Strategy, worries the changes are an overreaction to demands made by a single shareholder. This eWEEK slide show takes a look at Qualcomm's moves.

  • Beta testing time is moving forward steadily in the Apple user community. People around the globe have the opportunity to try out iOS 9 and El Capitan—Apple's latest operating systems—to see how close they are to being ready for distribution and use, as their official release will be in the fall. Apple on July 22 released the second public beta of iOS 9, which includes several major enhancements and bug fixes. Apple cautioned that the operating system is still in beta and it doesn't recommend actively using the platform full time, but those who are more intrepid or are building new apps for the operating system will undoubtedly download it and try it out. The same can be said for Apple's upcoming OS X build, El Capitan, which is also available for download through Apple's developer and beta testing platforms. Apple is being far more open handed with information about its latest operating systems. And this will enable people thinking about adopting platforms to learn quite a bit more before they take the plunge. So read on through the following slides to learn about some of the important features built into iOS 9 and El Capitan.

  • A new app out of Microsoft Garage allows Office 365 business and education users (for now) to trade quick messages without launching Outlook.

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