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  • The company is working on a new Android version that will power a car's entertainment and navigation systems, connect it to the Internet, and integrate with the vehicle's sensors, a Reuters report says.

  • The FCC penalty against T-Mobile is second in size only to a $105 million fine imposed against AT&T in October for the same infraction.

  • With the release of the iPhone 6, Apple has taken its smartphone camera technology to the next level, allowing almost anyone to take awe-inspiring pictures with the simple press of a button. Now, in addition to its large 1.5-micron pixels and ƒ/2.2 aperture, the 8-megapixel iSight camera is packed with new technologies, and the company added new video features like the option to capture 1080p HD at 60 fps, 240-fps slo-mo and time-lapse video. A lot of the fun that comes with taking photos these days, however, is the ability to customize and share your experiences with friends and family. As good as the camera is, there are a host of apps available through the iTunes store that let you take your photography skills to an even higher level. In addition to popular social media apps like Instagram, we've chosen a selection of tools that will help your pictures really stand out—or add a creative flair that's unique to you or the people and places you photograph. As a bonus, all of these apps, if not free, are less than $5, ensuring you can improve your shots without breaking the bank.

  • BlackBerry's revenue continued to fall in the third quarter, with revenue down 13.43 percent to $793 million. The good news was that its losses fell 28.5 percent to $148 million.

  • Aside from all the stress, travel, cooking, gift-buying and general insanity the holiday season brings, there's another, more important aspect that can often be washed away in the run-up to the end of the year—spending time with friends and family and recording those memories together. Of course, digital cameras make it easier than ever to take stunning, high-quality prints no matter where you are, while awesome new gadgets like GoPros and "selfie sticks" only add to the fun. Whether you're a hardcore photographer or just a casual shutterbug, today's selection of digital cameras offers a wide variety of features at several price points. Although high megapixel counts are often the most obvious indicator of a digital camera's capabilities, many models now on the market offer exciting extras such as WiFi connectivity and location-based services, not to mention the ability to share your photos instantly on social networking sites. Just as important as choosing the right camera is choosing the right accessories, so we've also included a selection of gadgets that can help your photos stand out even more. Happy holidays—and happy shooting!

  • Affected are Coolpad Android phones sold in China, which come from the factory loaded with a backdoor that can download unwanted or malicious software without user intervention.

  • BlackBerry—the mobile company once known as Research In Motion in an effort to appeal to business mobile phone users who were the core of its customer base—decided that it wouldn't try to chase the crowd with a big-screen smartphone with all the bells and whistles. Instead, its latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Classic, shows echoes of old-time design that combine a physical keyboard with a touch-screen. The handset is clearly designed for corporate users, especially those accustomed to working with BlackBerry's earlier models with physical keyboards. But it also includes a touch-screen for those who prefer to work with a virtual keyboard. BlackBerry's decision to stick close to its heritage with the BlackBerry Classic's design has risks to be sure. But it may be the best strategy for a company that is trying to take careful steps back to profitability and growth. So this eWEEK slide show will cover the Classic's features to help prospective buyers decide whether this smartphone has what it takes to bring them back to the BlackBerry fold.

  • One of the Atom-powered smartphones will be sold in China, while the other will be targeted at emerging markets, according to reports.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: The BlackBerry Classic will have the look and feel of the Bold, but will run BlackBerry OS 10 and can handle Android apps as the company moves back to its core business market.

  • The FCC fine against Sprint would equal the $105 million fine imposed against AT&T in October for the same infraction, which added unauthorized charges to phone bills.

  • The Lumia 635 smartphone, which runs Windows 8.1, is the first Windows phone to be offered to customers of Sprint.

  • Sony's "single-lens display module" can be easily attached to and detached from eyeglass frames so that users can choose when and where to use its "smart device" capabilities.

  • Back to the future? Evoking its past, the early innovator in mobile productivity officially debuts the BlackBerry Classic.

  • A jury unanimously found that Apple didn't violate federal antitrust law when it released a software update for the iPod that blocked competing music services.

  • Google has unveiled a program that is helping the world's museums create their own mobile apps using Google tools and services so they can virtually share their collections with visitors.

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