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  • The part, a faceplate for the printer itself, was produced on the 3D printer that is now aboard the International Space Station. The project is just the start for more plans to print things in space.

  • The tech vendor has created teams charged with dealing with the financial, legal and technological details of breaking the company in two.

  • Company officials want channel partners to sell not only Lenovo PCs but also the data center hardware acquired with IBM's x86 server business.

  • Red flags in the report: Enterprise hardware/software and services, which came in with revenue slippage of 4 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

  • IDC analysts say that the struggling PC market has been helped by the rapid deceleration this year in the once-hot tablet space.

  • The chip and its Carrizo-L companion will launch in the first half of 2015, with systems coming to market in the second half of the year.

  • The stylish device for women will give wearers access to Google, Facebook and Yelp, and will come with a two-year AT&T data plan.

  • The move by the world's largest chip maker comes as the lines between PCs, tablets and smartphones become less defined.

  • The recent Dell World show focused in part on the work being done by the company's research unit on cloud infrastructure, security and mobility.

  • The good old days of gaming at LAN parties are nearly over and done with. Now, with the Internet working at faster and faster speeds and companies around the globe delivering more high-powered products, the dynamic in computer gaming has changed dramatically. The Hewlett-Packard Omen notebook, introduced Nov. 4, seems to prove that point quite well. Once upon a time, gamers would need a high-powered desktop computer they often built themselves to play the latest and greatest games. Companies around the globe would also require those high-end desktops to handle resource-intensive tasks. But now all of that power—and more—is being packed into notebooks, and so customers have the ability to be mobile and use powerful software wherever they want. The Omen notebook is proof of that and, at first glance, appears to be the kind of computer that the average shopper looking for a high-end experience will love. This slide show looks at what HP built into the Omen to appeal to PC buyers who are willing to pay extra for a notebook with power to spare for gaming or virtually any other application.

  • AWS Distinguished Engineer James Hamilton says Intel is outpacing ARM chip makers in processor development.

  • AUSTIN, Texas—Dell executives used the recent Dell World 2014 show here to unveil a number of new initiatives designed to accelerate its efforts to grow its enterprise IT solutions and services ambitions. The company announced its PowerEdge FX converged infrastructure solution, new moves in its PC business that included a look at its "smart desk" concept, and the public beta of its Cloud Marketplace, a cloud brokerage initiative. It also gave CEO Michael Dell and other company executives the opportunity to tout the success of last year's $25 billion decision to take the tech vendor private in hopes of accelerating its transformation from a PC box maker to an end-to-end enterprise IT provider. Michael Dell did not discuss financial numbers, but did say his company was seeing significant growth in most businesses. He and other executives also noted that it stood in sharp contrast to the moves being made by competitors, in particular Hewlett-Packard's decision to break the company in two and IBM selling its x86 server business to fast-growing Lenovo. This eWEEK slide show takes a look at what Dell had on display during the three-day show.

  • Apple's deeper push into the enterprise marketplace follows its recent moves to provide its first-ever dedicated service and support for enterprise users, according to a report.

  • Speaking with foreign journalists, the Dell CEO said his company will continue its efforts to expand in such countries as China, India and Brazil.

  • The new Model A+ has all the latest features, but is significantly smaller than the original Model A and comes in at $5 less.

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