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  • REVIEW: Lenovo creates a tabletop PC that's designed to foster collaboration by allowing several people to use it at the same time.

  • With the Intel Easy Migration app, users can transfer data and files from Apple, Android and Windows devices to their Chromebooks.

  • Linux Mint 17.1, which was officially released on Nov. 29, provides users of the popular Linux desktop with an incremental update and some additional polish. Code-named Rebecca, Linux Mint 17.1 offers a choice of desktop user interfaces, the two primary ones being MATE and Cinnamon. The MATE desktop is a fork of the GNOME 2 desktop environment. The GNOME Linux desktop community moved to the GNOME 3 desktop in 2011, a move that some desktop users did not embrace. In the Linux Mint 17.1 MATE edition, support has been added for the Compiz window manager, which can enable a desktop with multiple special effects for window transitions and events. The Cinnamon desktop, which was created by Linux Mint creator Celement Lefebvre, provides users with a familiar GNOME 2 look but also adds some of the advanced capabilities of newer GNOME releases. Linux Mint 17.1 builds on the innovations that first debuted in Linux Mint 17 earlier this year, with usability, interface and performance gains in several areas. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the improvements in the Linux Mint 17.1 release.

  • A rebound in notebook PC sales is bringing new market attention to this space and encouraging PC makers to introduce new lightweight models. Apple is one of the established players in field with its MacBook Air, a device for customers on a budget who want an entry-level Mac. But Hewlett-Packard has introduced a sleek new notebook challenger with the HP EliteBook Folio 1020, which it rolled out on Dec. 2 and will ship early in 2015. HP has made it clear to anyone who will listen that it plans to take the fight to Apple. In a press release announcing the device, HP said its new notebook is the "world's thinnest and lightest" option for any enterprise customer seeking a slender computer, a clear shot across Apple's bow. This eWEEK slide show will compare the MacBook Air and EliteBook Folio 1020 to help potential buyers decide which notebook model might be best for them. Either way, however, buyers can be assured that whichever product they pick, they'll be getting an exceedingly lightweight and thin computer notebook to slip into a purse, backpack or tote bag.

  • The EliteBook 1020 and 1020 SE are thin and light, but come with military-grade ruggedness, a range of security features and Intel's new Core M chip.

  • Chromebooks cost less than Apple iPads and are packed with features. It's no surprise recent numbers show them pulling ahead of iPads in sales to U.S. schools.

  • Notebook PC sales have been in the doldrums for much of the past four years—since the introduction of the Apple iPad and the resulting worldwide boom in tablet sales. Some industry pundits wondered whether notebook sales would ever rebound if buyers concluded that tablets would serve the majority of their computing needs. Now we know the answer. In the third quarter, worldwide notebook shipments were up 10 percent to 49.4 million units, according to research firm IHS DisplaySearch. The top five PC vendors, including Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo, saw a 23 percent increase in notebook shipments in the third quarter. As notebook shipments have increased, tablet sales have experienced a "massive deceleration," according to market research firm IDC. While there may be no direct correlation between the slowdown in tablet sales and the improvement in notebook shipments, it's a significant trend that more PC buyers are selecting notebooks. But why did it happen? What products might have contributed to the recent success of notebooks? This eWEEK slide show provides a quick look at some of the better notebook models on the market with the kind of features that could help sustain the current improvement in sales of this PC class.

  • Carly Fiorina is hoping her business acumen will help her stand out in what promises to be a crowded GOP field of candidates, according to reports.

  • Chromebooks from vendors such as Acer, HP, Samsung and Dell edged out iPads in sales to U.S. schools during the third quarter, according to new data from IDC.

  • Tablet manufacturers will be paying closer attention than usual to holiday sales to see if they provide yet more evidence of a disturbing trend revealed in a recent market study by research firm IDC. Not only did the tablet market experience what IDC called a "massive deceleration" so far this year, but the prospects for a tablet sales recovery are looking poor beyond the usual holiday season surge. Apple expects to report a year-to-year decline in iPad sales for the first time while notebooks sales have rebounded. There other hints in the IDC study that suggest the market is changing at a rapid pace. Tablet makers that fail to react correctly to those changes could face a rash of problems in the coming months. This eWEEK slide show highlights some of the more interesting points from the IDC study, which examines worldwide tablet shipment forecasts through the end of this year and into 2018. Read on to learn more about the worldwide tablet market and why some manufacturers are likely a bit anxious about the future.

  • PRODUCT REVIEW: The tablet market up to now has been dominated by those running iOS and Google's Android OS, but Windows always seems to find its share of the market.

  • Designed for people with disabilities that prevent them from using a traditional mouse, the EYECAN+ device wirelessly calibrates itself to the user's eye.

  • The part, a faceplate for the printer itself, was produced on the 3D printer that is now aboard the International Space Station. The project is just the start for more plans to print things in space.

  • The tech vendor has created teams charged with dealing with the financial, legal and technological details of breaking the company in two.

  • Company officials want channel partners to sell not only Lenovo PCs but also the data center hardware acquired with IBM's x86 server business.

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