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  • Just ahead of back-to-school season, Microsoft releases new classroom- and work-friendly features to the Mac and iOS versions of the note-taking software.

  • The latest research on the PC market shows that things have gone slightly awry. While the market has started to stabilize from major losses in recent quarters, thanks to a sales resurgence in notebooks and Chromebooks, things just aren't the way they once were. PCs are no longer the dominant force in technology purchasing, and products like tablets and even smartphones have started to eat into lower-end notebook sales. However, notebooks still appear to be selling well, especially in online sales channels. Products such as the Acer C720 Chromebook and the Dell Inspiron line still prove popular among some consumers. Meanwhile, Apple's MacBook Pro line remains a strong seller. All of this comes down to one important question: When you are in the market for a new notebook, how do you find the model that is perfect for you? A couple of years ago, shopping for a new notebook was easier. Most models looked about the same and had basically the same features, and most of them were delivered with Microsoft Windows.  Today's notebook space is a lot more complex, with many choices and options. This eWEEK slide show provides a quick guide on what everyone should look for when buying a new notebook.

  • Hewlett-Packard, on the cusp of entering the 3D printing market, has begun talking more about its ink-jet business. The effort is intended to remind, or make clear, its long history in the printing space and the depth of intelligence that's come from it. HP opened its Corvallis, Ore., lab in 1976, focusing on calculators, and a Vancouver, Wash., site in 1979 that was an impact printer division. The two soon began working together, and today they're deeply complementary, according to Sue Richards and Brad Freeman, who oversee research and development at the sites. Together the labs work on everything from the composition of the ink to the size of an ink drop (which has shrunk over the years from 220 picoliters to just 6) to the precision with which each hits a fast-moving page—whether in an HP office printer or the type of large, digital printing presses it creates for niche customers, and through which more than 800 feet of paper run every minute. "We've really taken our thermal ink-jet technology and pushed it into this industrial and graphics space. … There's so much opportunity," said Freeman.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Analysts seem surprised Apple's iPads didn't sell in the same high volume as iPhones, which likely shows they don't understand the tablet market.

  • HP has been making ink-jet printers for 30 years and accumulated tremendous intelligence. With a 3D future ahead, it's getting the word out.

  • Apple announced that its next Macintosh operating system, OS X Yosemite, will be available July 24 in its first public beta. The announcement comes as the company is celebrating another successful quarter of lofty profits and heavy Mac sales as it prepares to launch a new iPhone this fall. The second half of 2014, in other words, will be a major period for Apple and could help the company generate unprecedented profits and revenue if analysts' forecasts hold true. Until then, however, Apple is giving the public the opportunity to try out Yosemite. Apple plans to launch the final build this fall, but consumers willing to try out a beta product can take the new OS for a spin and see if it will be right for them when Apple releases it later this year. More importantly, it will give Apple the requisite number of testers it needs to discover and fix bugs that might cause problems when a wider group of users start working with it this fall. In this slide show, eWEEK will provide a primer for those thinking about adopting Yosemite to see if the OS is right for them. We'll highlight the top features and the items likely to make Yosemite a popular option for many Mac users.

  • Now Xbox One owners have a dedicated app for death-defying footage shot on GoPro's popular wearable cameras.

  • The company whose modules let anyone build systems is rolling out cloudBits, which enables the systems to connect to the Internet.

  • Making all the right moves? Microsoft reports that healthy demand for its cloud-based offerings is improving its bottom line.

  • Battery life has also been improved to 15 hours for the 500GB hard drive model and up to 10 hours for 320GB hard drive model.

  • Strong cloud momentum helps the software giant book strong revenue, but it's not enough to avoid an earnings-per-share miss.

  • Chromebook sales have risen sharply over the past several months, according to a recent report from research firm NPD. Chromebook sales in the commercial channel increased 250 percent compared with the prior year and accounted for 35 percent of all U.S. channel notebook sales during the January-May period. Chromebooks, in other words, were extremely popular during the period and continue to be so. Exactly why and how Chromebooks have been achieving such sales success, however, are not so readily known. When the devices, which run Google's Chrome OS Web-based operating system, were first announced, many market observers believed that they had little chance of winning a significant share of the PC market.  And that seemed to hold true in the first couple of years after Chromebooks hit the market in mid-2011. But the latest data shows that Chromebook sales are adding to the competitive headwinds that Windows notebooks are experiencing these days. This eWEEK slide show looks at the impact that rising Chromebook sales is having on the U.S. PC market.

  • In what has become a pattern of monthly updates, Microsoft's Xbox One will soon gain more features that blur the line between Xbox Live and a social network.

  • The latest numbers illustrate the rising popularity of the low-cost notebooks that run Google's Chrome OS.

  • An HP executive says the company is seeing its win rate against IBM increase since Big Blue announced the deal with Lenovo in January.

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