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  • The system, which includes a projector and 3D scanner, will be one of several products introduced in NYC on Oct. 29, according to a report.

  • Next month, Xbox One owners will be able to customize their gamer profiles, tweet game clips and follow top trending TV shows on Twitter.

  • The company sells 262 million connected devices at an average 38 percent gross margin and banks $8.5 billion in net income in the fourth quarter alone.

  • HP is cutting ties with the wayward mobile OS, which now can be found in LG smart TVs and as an open-source project for the LuneOS group.

  • The 700 or so layoffs come a week after Lisa Su takes over as CEO of the world's second-largest chip maker.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple, in a jovial mood and sporting excellent sales numbers, has fun with its latest product launch event.

  • Also highlighting today's Apple product launch are the availability of the new iPad mini 3, the latest OS X Yosemite operating system and the Oct. 20 debut of Apple Pay.

  • FIRST LOOK: Microsoft's next operating system looks like it's building on the best parts of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and it contains attributes of both, but deep down inside it's something new.

  • In its latest 2014 worldwide devices forecast, Gartner says tablet growth is slowing but projects consistent PC growth over the next five years.

  • Apple fanatics will likely be pinned to their seats with excitement as of 1 p.m. ET on Oct. 16 when Apple unveils its newest products.

  • The hybrid device will feature the first U.S. smartphone to offer the Intel chip inside, giving the chip maker some good mobile news.

  • Microsoft has fired the opening salvo in its battle to regain dominance on the desktop with a preview edition of Windows 10 (or Wind-X if you prefer). The preview edition is intended to give Windows users, especially those in the enterprise, as much time as possible to get ready for the operating system and likely as much time as necessary to satisfy themselves that it's not Windows 8. While this version of Windows is in fact a big step beyond the failed version that was Windows 8, it's not really as separate as Microsoft perhaps would like you to think it is. Instead, what we have with Windows 10 is probably what Windows 8 should have been, especially when it comes to the needs of desktop users. The differences in Windows 10 are especially clear when it's used in a typical mouse-and-keyboard environment that brings back the Windows 7 features that users liked along with the improvements built into Windows 8 that still make sense. What that means to most users is that the Start Menu is back, although it's partly morphed into a shrunken version of the Windows 8 start screen.

  • Even as it works to diversify its products, Intel's PC and data center chip businesses continue to show strong results.

  • Back in the days when Windows machines were the unquestioned leader in the PC market, deciding on what type of computer to buy was simpler. PC buyers generally chose between a cream-colored Dell box or a cream-colored Hewlett-Packard box featuring the same components and the same operating system. The features weren't that different. It was possible to get a decent deal on the price if you were willing to shop around and see what models were on sale. Generally, picking one PC over another didn't spell the difference between more or less productivity. But in Apple's own product ecosystem, the choice is not quite so simple for people looking to buy a lightweight, highly mobile device with just the right specifications. These days, the question comes down to whether to go with a MacBook Air notebook or the iPad Air tablet. Complicating the decision, it's likely that Apple will release an updated iPad Air at an Oct. 16 media briefing. So which device should you choose? This eWEEK slide show highlights some of the factors to determine whether the iPad Air or the MacBook Air is the device to buy.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: It's obvious that Windows 9 was skipped entirely because it wasn't different or improved enough from the unpopular Windows 8.

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