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  • REVIEW: The BlackBerry Classic provides everything that fans of the company's smartphones want in a larger handset, including the familiar physical keyboard.

  • REVIEW: Lenovo creates a tabletop PC that's designed to foster collaboration by allowing several people to use it at the same time.

  • FIRST LOOK: Microsoft's next operating system looks like it's building on the best parts of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and it contains attributes of both, but deep down inside it's something new.

  • From the recent release of the latest Apple iPhone 6 models to fresh Samsung Galaxy smartphones and a myriad of tablets and smartphones from other vendors, it sure has been a busy season for mobile device aficionados. With that in mind, we here at eWEEK put together this broad roundup of some of the latest popular smartphone and tablet models available today or very soon through the Big Four cellular carriers. Some of the offerings are special limited-time deals, such as AT&T's discount tablet offers for customers who buy a new smartphone and activate a new line of service, but most are just the seasonal product updates and refreshes that happen regularly in the busy smartphone and tablet markets. For business users, highlighting the recent announcements is BlackBerry's new Passport smartphone, which is aimed at enterprise users and is tied deeply into the company's hopes to again find relevancy in the crowded smartphone world after ceding much of its business to rivals in recent years.

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