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  • The Knights Landing chip will offer 3 teraflops of performance and three times the single-thread performance of the current Knights Corner chip.

  • The server gear the consortium unveiled at the OpenPower Summit showed the speed of innovation that open development can bring, officials say.

  • SAN JOSE, Calif.—OpenPower Foundation officials used the group's first conference to show off more than a dozen new pieces of hardware from its members, to talk about how the consortium operates and try to recruit new members, and to position itself as an alternative to Intel in the data center. OpenPower was launched in December 2013 as a way of leveraging IBM's Power architecture to build products that address demands from hyperscale and Web-scale organizations for greater performance and efficiency. IBM has opened the Power architecture to allow the more than 110 OpenPower members to build products atop the platform. At the OpenPower Summit here—run in conjunction with the GPU Technology Conference 2015—foundation officials stressed that the open development business model enables faster innovation than Intel's way of doing the design, development and manufacturing work itself. "Without a community, we don't get innovation," said Randall Ross, a foundation official and Ubuntu community manager with Canonical. "We get something else. We get a monoculture." This eWEEK slide show takes a look at the hardware products introduced March 18.

  • SAN JOSE, Calif.—Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is promising that his company will be a significant player in the growing field of deep-learning technology, where neural networks can learn from past experience and improve their performance over time. Deep learning has use in a broad array of areas, from self-driving automobiles to medical services to image and voice recognition. At the GPU Technology Conference 2015 (GTC) here, Huang introduced a new powerful GPU, the GeForce Titan X, as well as Digits DevBox, an appliance powered by the new GPU that runs Nvidia's Digits software to help developers and data scientists researching deep-learning technologies. The new offerings build on Nvidia's efforts over the past decade in expanding the use of its GPU accelerators in mainstream, scientific and high-performance computing (HPC). At the GTC, Nvidia showed off its new offerings, while other vendors, such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo, displayed their own compute systems that leverage Nvidia's GPU technologies. This eWEEK slide show gives a sampling of some of those systems as well as some of Nvidia's newest products.

  • At the first OpenPower Summit, the group announces more than 10 offerings from the likes of IBM, Tyan, Rackspace and Cirrascale.

  • Cavium officials say supporting Tesla accelerators in their ThunderX SoCs will benefit such markets as HPC and data analytics.

  • The company's new VxBlock systems offer organizations the choice of VMware's NSX or Cisco's ACI for network virtualization.

  • A year after joining the open-source data center hardware movement, Microsoft returns with new power, switching and SSD storage advancements.

  • The startup is promising that its Vapor Chamber and run-time platform will be more efficient than traditional data center models.

  • The social networking company is contributing Yosemite and open networking gear to the Open Compute Project Foundation.

  • The new Cloudline systems, developed with Foxconn, target Web-scale companies while pushing back at the encroachment by ODMs into the data center.

  • The chip maker's first Xeon SoC design for microserver, network and storage systems addresses Web-scale environments and competition from ARM.

  • Google and University of California at Santa Barbara develop an approach for reducing errors in quantum computer memory elements.

  • SoftLayer will begin offering bare-metal servers running OpenPower processors and Linux applications as a cloud service next quarter.

  • CEO and Chairman Meg Whitman said that HP is going to redouble its efforts to turn around its enterprise services business.

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