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  • The $60 billion transaction, announced at $67 billion last Oct. 12 and finalized in a vote that took only 12 minutes, is the largest so far in the technology space.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Researchers in the Netherlands have discovered how to put binary data on a stable matrix of atoms so a kilobit of data can be stored on a single atom.


  • Block Storage is a highly available and scalable SSD-based cloud service that enables developers to attach extra disk space to DigitalOcean Droplet cloud servers.

  • iDrive Vault is designed to back up not only PCs but entire servers and databases, which many other similar devices cannot do, the company said.

  • Axcient's idea is to connect dots in the data center, including old dots that still work (such as legacy arrays) and new-gen, hybrid-cloud dots that bring new efficiencies.

  • In the spirit of the past week's Independence Day celebrations in the United States, eWEEK in this slide show offers some practical ways for IT managers and storage administrators to free themselves from the tyranny of slow-moving storage data movement. Let's face it: Information technology is nothing if not all about speed. Fast data access is critical for a competitive enterprise because productivity slows down markedly when applications—and people—have to wait for data. People do not like waiting for anything, especially customers of competitive businesses. In the past generation or so, IT architects have discovered that something as simple as placing the data source closer to the processing engine in the server can speed the transfer and flow of data in great measure. Things have not been as simple as that on the storage side, however; storage has always been like a funnel, with a large intake mouth and a small exit pipe. Fortunately, there are several solutions available for businesses looking to accelerate their data storage environment. This eWEEK slide show references industry-relevant information from our own reporting and from Sheldon D'Paiva, director of product and solutions marketing at PernixData.

  • One of the new capabilities is a new scanning tool that enables users to scan documents with their iPhones and upload the content directly to Dropbox.

  • Disaster recovery-as-a-service provider now has banked $130 million in venture capital funding over five years in an increasingly hot market.

  • Elastifile's CEO says the company brings "a new level of flexibility to enterprise-grade storage," bucking the trade-off between resiliency and agility.

  • VIDEO: Chris Brandon, founder and CEO of StorageOS, discusses his firm's approach to containers.

  • EMC, which has been about containing and protecting data for more than a generation, now officially has a container strategy of its own.

  • While there are already multiple distributed storage systems, Torus aims to be cloud-native and integrate closely with Kubernetes.

  • ONTAP 9 includes a virtual appliance that can run 15TB solid-state drives either on commodity server hardware in a data center or in a cloud service.

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