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  • Data is a new form of capital. Ultimately, information about people, places and things will truly differentiate enterprises.

  • The next version of Windows Server will have enhancements to help organizations cobble together high-availability storage set-ups minus the hefty price tag.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: They must take advantage of the digital services economy to compete against over-the-top providers, because their core businesses are under attack.

  • With new SSD-powered cloud storage options, Azure SQL Database upgrades and a slew of enhancements, Microsoft makes a play for big enterprise workloads.

  • The new NAS system provides pluggable database-level visibility into thousands of containers across an enterprise.

  • New reference architectures, which can mix and match other brands of storage componentry, are for virtual-server and virtual-desktop deployments.

  • The combined companies will extend their market reach and are planning to build a one-stop shop for business continuity.

  • New chief executive announced one day after Carbonite received an unsolicited, hostile $366.4 million bid from j2 Global.

  • Enterprise IT is increasingly turning to DRaaS providers to overcome traditional budget, resource and complexity challenges.

  • Many enterprises still haven't figured out IT disaster recovery. There's just so much that can go awry, and it's impossible to test DR systems, except in the case of an emergency, and by then, it's too late. The idea of DR is not to allow downtime, but research indicates this is hardly the case. Every year, global businesses armed with traditional backup and DR solutions lose more than $50 billion due to application downtime—$26.5 billion in the United States alone. As a result, U.S. businesses lose roughly $20 billion each year to permanent data loss, and 40 percent of businesses that experience a massive data loss never reopen. In this slide show, based on a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research of more than 450 IT professionals on the current state of IT resiliency, eWEEK and Axcient CEO Justin Moore, discuss the challenges organizations with traditional backup and DR solutions face in the event of a critical disruption and why it's important for always-on, always connected businesses to go beyond backup and upgrade.

  • All block, file and object-access management is integrated and controlled within a new 3PAR StoreServ Management Console.

  • Sentient provides what it calls "massively scaled" artificial intelligence within networks. It routinely runs multiple distributed AI jobs on millions of nodes.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: More and more capacity, intelligence and automation are being built into storage arrays and even smaller, desktop-type storage devices.

  • The appliance supports up to 10 channels of simultaneous high-definition footage streaming at 240 frames per second (FPS) in 720p.

  • From smartphones and laptops to YouTube and photo-sharing Websites, today's always-on technology has sparked an explosion of data that differs from the data files handled by IT departments in the past. Beyond databases, legal records and more, organizations are now dealing with unstructured data, which is comprised of large file formats like audio files in banking, patent files in law firms and human genomic codes in life sciences. The data is vast, and growing. According to IDC, more than 90 percent of the world's data is unstructured. This means we're moving from terabyte to petabyte to exabyte levels of data and higher. In 2012, the amount of global data reached roughly 2.7 zettabytes—and IDC predicts that number will double again by 2015 and continue to double every two years after that. Looking back at the past year, a number of steps were taken to address hyperscale data storage, including major improvements in utilization, cost savings, management and more. Data storage was prioritized by IT teams, but while large advancements were made, several challenges still need to be addressed in 2015. According to Chris Gladwin, founder of object-based storage provider Cleversafe, the following trends will drive the data storage industry in 2015.

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