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  • Linux operating system distribution vendor CoreOs aims to expand its own vision for container-based virtualization.

  • The popular open-source application container virtualization effort gets an overhaul in a bid to improve project organization.

  • Google's Container Registry service is designed to let developers host, share and manage private Docker container repositories on its Cloud Platform.

  • Ravello's Cloud Application Hypervisor is designed for encapsulating the enterprise app workload. The company is also embracing Docker container technology.

  • The company rings in the new year with larger, high-performance VMs, a new cryptographic key management service and a shortcut to getting started with Docker.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: In the cloud/virtualization world, one technology dominated the conversation in 2014: "Docker." The technology will see further expansion in 2015.

  • As more enterprises use virtualization in servers and storage to collapse infrastructure and enable cloud-service models, many are discovering the problems posed by essential application data that's unusable due to legacy infrastructures. Solving this data problem is more difficult than vendors typically will admit because copy data multiplies incessantly. Copy data is everything that is not currently being used in production. A new approach called copy data virtualization (CDV), pioneered by Boston-based Actifio but now provided by multiple vendors, offers an answer for this loss of control. CDV applies the same virtualization approach to data that changed everything with servers a dozen years ago. It frees data from the use case-defined silos of infrastructure that characterize older-generation data management architectures, thus opening the door for global enterprises to obtain better use of their apps and realize the business resiliency, agility and economic advantages smaller companies have seen for years. In this slide show, developed using eWEEK reporting and industry insight from Actifio, we offer 10 key data points administrators should know about CDV.

  • Docker 1.3.3 provides security updates although Red Hat doesn't consider the issues serious.

  • New reference architectures, which can mix and match other brands of storage componentry, are for virtual-server and virtual-desktop deployments.

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