AdSense Litigant Accuses Google of E-Mail Tampering

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The would-be AdSense customer who filed suit against Google for fraud and misrepresentation says the search company also entered her Gmail account and removed all communications regarding the dispute, Google Watch has learned.

In an amended complaint, Theresa Bradley accuses Google of invasion of privacy and intentional destruction of evidence. The amended complaint has not been filed and Google has not received the ammendment.

"In the dispute, Google ... entered into my separate e-mail account, removed all communications, including the contract, from my e-mail account," Bradley wrote in an e-mail. "The whole thing is very strange! I am sorry I even contacted Google AdSense." Yahoo destroyed my site

The original complaint, filed Aug. 28 in San Francisco federal district court, accuses Google of terminating Bradley's AdSense account after accusing her of making invalid clicks on the advertisements placed on her site.

Google does not allow publishers to click on their own ads.

Google provides a Preview Tool to users of Internet Explorer 6.x on Windows to help AdSense publishers determine the quality of ads. Google does not provide the preview tool for any other browsers or operating systems.

When informed of the existence of the preview tool, Bradley first said she was unaware of its existence. In subsequent e-mails, Bradley said she used the preview tool but that it didn't work.

She did not return subsequent e-mails requesting clarification.

A Google spokesperson said the preview tool has been around for a number of years. Google publicizes the availability of AdSense features, such as the preview tool, in proactive e-mails and blog posts, according to the spokesperson, and the tool is easily found with a Google search. The preview tool is also covered in the Google AdSense help center. Google has no plans to make the preview tool available for other browsers or operating systems. litigious history

When asked if she could refer a reporter to the AdSense contract to which she agreed, Bradley said she could not reference those documents because they were removed by Google or a third party from her Gmail account.

The AdSense terms and conditions are available online.

Bradley says she spent 50 hours placing the AdSense ads and another 50 hours testing them. She says she just recently began to learn HTML and how to use Adobe's WYSIWYG software Dreamweaver, hence the long placement time.

Also Suing Yahoo

Bradley has also filed suit against Yahoo in San Jose federal district court claiming $100,000 in damages, citing negligent conduct in deleting her Yahoo GeoCities account without reason.

In a complaint filed August 1, Bradley claims that Yahoo deleted her GeoCities account without warning, and subsequently told her she had violated GeoCities policies. According to Bradley, she had been working with Yahoo to upgrade to a Yahoo Merchant Account, but the upgrade process was not working.

Because of the deletion of her account, Bradley's Web site became unavailable. Bradley claims her associated Yahoo e-mail accounts were also deleted.

The lawsuit seeks $100,000 in damages to recoup 1,000 hours spent over 15 months designing, which Bradley claims has 500 pages and graphics files in nine languages. Midas destroyed my Jaguar

History of Lawsuits

Further inquiry into court records reveals that Bradley has a litigious history in multiple states.

In June of this year she filed suit in Florida against a "long term alcoholic and cocaine addict attorney" whom she alleges destroyed her real estate business and financial records. Bradley filed a notice in that complaint titled "A Mockery of the Majesty of the Law or Tax Payer Subsidizied Sanctuary for Judicial/Attorney Crime" containing accusations of corruption amongst attorneys and judges in South Florida.

Another lawsuit in June against Midas Auto Repair and Service in Bethesda, Md., alleges that Midas was negligent in leaving her 1989 Jaguar Vanden Plas in a parking lot adjacent to its garage bay, where it was crushed by another car that leapt a land embankment and landed on it.

In February Bradley filed a suit, later terminated by the judge, which alleged fraud against several defendants in Georgia and Pennsylvania. |

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