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Microsoft Improves Bing Maps Rendering

Posted : 2014-07-28

A couple of subtle changes aren't just eye candy. They add a lot of usability and clarity to Bing's online maps, says Microsoft. Read More >


Google Faces Renewed Focus by EU in Antitrust Case

Posted : 2014-07-26

Google could need to agree to additional conditions as part of a proposed antitrust settlement agreement in the EU that has been on the table for five months. Read More >


Google Working Out Specifics of EU's 'Right to Forget' Law

Posted : 2014-07-14

Google's chief legal officer shares more about its recent response to the new law in an op-ed piece that was published in several European newspapers. Read More >


Critics Decry Google's Deletion of Links to Comply With EU Courts

Posted : 2014-07-05

Under an EU court order, Google has begun removing links to content deemed objectionable by the subjects of the content. Critics are beginning to fume about the deletions. Read More >


Microsoft Banks on Machine Learning to Boost Search, Security

Posted : 2014-07-02

A better Bing? Machine learning, the secret sauce behind the company's smart services slate, is set to make the company's search and security products even smarter. Read More >

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