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Bing Predicts the 2015 Academy Awards

Posted : 2015-02-18

Microsoft turns its predictive analytics tech on Hollywood as Oscar night approaches. We'll find out in a few days how accurately Bing predicted the winners. Read More >


Splunk Gets More Intuitive With Its Big Data Platform

Posted : 2014-10-07

Splunk ostensibly will become a kingpin in indexing, monitoring and making usable scads of data that the IoT will foist upon us in the coming years. Read More >


Alibaba Instantly Becomes New Power Kid on the IT Block

Posted : 2014-09-19

Alibaba's $232 billion early valuation makes it on paper more valuable than eBay (market cap $65 billion) and Amazon ($153 billion) combined. Read More >


Microsoft Launching Tablet-Friendly Bing Image Search Update

Posted : 2014-09-19

In addition to pointing and clicking, improvements to Bing Image Search include a dynamic site design that is optimized for touch. Read More >


Microsoft's Bing Search Wants to Strike Up a Conversation

Posted : 2014-08-14

Microsoft's latest trick involves turning Bing's natural language search capabilities into ongoing chats. The company wants users to ask follow-up questions. Read More >

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