Clint Boulton Back from High-tech Hiatus to Grok Google

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2009-06-13 Print this article Print

I've come full circle. Due to circumstances in my personal life, I took a 4.5 month break from covering technology. I didn't want to stop writing, the first time in 10 years of covering technology.

Amazingly, I return this Monday to helm Google Watch and write for I didn't expect to slide so easily back into my former role, but I'm ecstatic to be back and blessed given the current economy.

Ah, the economy. How rotten is it? I keep hearing tales of woe from colleagues, some of whom I've known for 10 years, who have fallen prey to cost-cutting measures.

It makes me ill because I respect these folks so much. I almost have survivor's guilt for being gainfully employed. I write "almost" because these people are so talented that they'll be employed soon enough. I'm sure of it. Let me put in a good word for you.

So what have I missed in the first third of 2009? Bing, Google Wave (making Google I/O a must-attend event for the future) and WolframAlpha to name drop just a few.

Also, have you seen how agencies under the Obama administration are putting the screws to Google? I didn't see that one coming. So much for all of Schmidt's schmoozing with el presidente Barack.

I plan to weigh in on all of these this month on Google Watch and probably for I can't wait, and, happily, I'm not. I'm writing posts on Bing and Google Wave this weekend, so please look out for my content Monday.

Meanwhile, have you signed up for your Facebook username yet? Mike Arrington at TechCrunch has been like white on rice with this. I didn't wait like a teenager waiting in line outside a Virgin Records store for a new joint to drop from a favorite musical artist, but simply logged in 5 minutes ago and grabbed my vanity user name.

I feel a little hypocritical because I'm not the type to secure a vanity license plate and, really, what's the difference? But I'm not apologizing. I have to have a little fun in the World of the What's Next Web.

As always, dear readers, please weigh in with your comments and topic suggestions. Thank you in advance for your support! |

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