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By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2009-01-21 Print this article Print

It was just before Christmas when nary a high-tech news mouse was stirring except for reports of an alleged T-Mobile G2 smartphone, the follow-up to the carrier's G1 based on Google's Android mobile operating system.

Myth or reality? We didn't know, but thanks to Gizmodo we have what is, again allegedly, pictures of the G2, which as widely reported seems to be keyboard free.

This device definitely has a 3.2 megapixel camera, which is like 3x the size of the Webcam on my new Asus EEE PC. Yes, I drank the netbook Kool-Aid and it is good.

This G2 comes in white, which is ghastly to me, but it makes for better viewing in grainy photos than black for sure.

Perhaps this is the phone that will give iPhone lovers a Linux-based alternative? As everyone is reporting, lots of people dislike the G1 because, with the slideout keyboard and touchscreen, it doesn't seem to know if it wants to be the iPhone or the BlackBerry.

The G2 would clearly make it more iPhone-ish.

Gizmodo says we're to expect this device in mid-May, which is a delay of months over the original reports that had the G2 arriving in January and then April.

I noted then how such a device would anger G1 users for coming so soon after the G1. I wonder: Will people still be angry if this G2 does come in May? That six- or seven-month gap is an eternity on the Web, and may make up for the failed Kogan Agora launch.

Based on these pics, and the previously reported specs (VGA camera for video calling), would you buy a G2?

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