Google Prepares New Chelsea Office, Searches for Chef

By Steve Bryant  |  Posted 2006-08-01 Print this article Print

Free Image Hosting at It's no secret that Google is trying to take the ad world by storm. And if you want to impress Madison Avenue, what better way than to move the East Coast Googleplex into a 311,000 square-foot, multi-floor office in the swanky environs of Manhattan's Chelsea?

Google Watch recently learned some new details about the move.

The move itself begins the third week in August. But the big news is that, pending construction schedules, the brand new Google cafe will open in November on the eighth floor. The cafe will have seating capacity for 200 inside and 100 outside -- on the terrace! If you're worried about the Googlers going sans lunch prior to November, don't be. The new office will be catered by Restaurant Associates until the cafe opens.

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comMeanwhile, if you know any good chefs, a source tells us that Google Manhattan is hiring.

Starting August 19, Google will begin moving some of the departments into their new digs. Human Resources and Sales go first, and then in September the engineering department moves in.

All the conference rooms in the new Google office will be named according to the theme of "New York Places." According to sources, the conference room names will include numbers corresponding to a grid pattern to help with wayfinding in the 4-acre office.

Update: I can't spel spull spell. The former headline said "Would You like to See Google's Desert Menu," which isn't funny, even in a double entendre kind of way. Not that I know what a double entendre is.

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