Google TV 'Very Good,' CEO Says

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2010-10-04 Print this article Print

Early reviews of Google TV have started rolling in from applications makers who have customized apps for the emerging TV service, which aims to combine TV channel surfing and Web surfing.

So far, so very, very good, according to CEO Mike Hudack, who wrote Oct. 4 after testing Google TV in his New York office for a few months:

It's good. Very good. The main reason why it's so good is that it, once and for all, seamlessly combines traditional broadcast, cable and satellite television with Internet video. It will be as easy to watch a blip show on the Web as it will be to watch a broadcast TV show, and both will be on the same screen. This is fundamentally good for producers and fundamentally good for viewers. is offering a version of its video publishing application optimized for Google TV.

Hudack added that Google TV will take awhile to change the way people produce and consume video.

But how much time is too much time? I plan on checking out Google TV at Logitech's launch in New York this Wednesday and at Sony's launch in the Big Apple.

I should have a better handle on the product then. It seems great in theory -- the ability to, for example, watch a sporting contest and pop out a Web browser to tweet about it on Twitter sounds fun.

But Google is getting increasingly competitive in its hunger to extend its tendrils up, down, right and left across the Internet. Google TV has most broadcasters on edge.

Who is Google to tread on their turf is the prevailing sentiment. Indeed, thus far NBC Universal and Turner Broadcasting are the only brave soul broadcasters on board for the service. It will take more than that to gain traction. Others, such as ABC, CBS and Fox, aren't in the mix.

That's not going to cut it, but it's early days yet for Google and its partners Logitech, Sony and chip maker Intel. Apple TV's revamped presence should help lend choice and balance to Google's effort.

And apps makers are doing Google a solid optimizing for the service. Music Website Vevo is on board, too. Like, Vevo optimized its own service for the emerging platform.

Check it out:

Google TV Vevo.png

I can't wait for this Wednesday's launch from Logitech. Stay tuned for coverage and pictures.

Update 0ct. 7: The event was great.

Seriously, Logitech has its act together. I'd buy a box for $300, but not that TV cam for video calling. No thanks. |

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