Pushing the Google Too Far

By Ben Charny  |  Posted 2006-03-02 Print this article Print

That was one humble Google at its annual Analyst Day exercise today.

Humble, sober and, more tellingly, missing Google's usual swagger.

The 4-hour event amounted to Google explaining life in the post-Google-Giddiness Era.

For one, there's been a profound mindset change. At Google, profits are much more important.

That changes everything. Most importantly, Google's anything-goes research atmosphere is replaced by a more sober-minded one, where funding depends on a project's profit potential. Google is also now more focused on core assets, a very sober move other companies facing uncertainties usually make.

There was tons of talk today about how much of Google's $1 billion-plus capital budget will be spent on Google's network of data centers, its workhorse, pride and joy, and advantage over rivals, it believes. (The company never exactly divulged a total.)

"Investment in capital gives us an enormous technology leverage into multimedia, a worldwide reach, plus customers care about network performance. We're better than anyone else," CEO Eric Schmidt said.

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