Unconfirmed Rumor: Google, Apple in Partnership Concerning SketchUp

Update: Looks like this rumor was off the mark. Google released a new version of SketchUp today, and that version is compatible with Macs, which in turn makes it compatible with the new iPhone that Apple released, but that's about it.

This one is totally out of left field, but I've heard through the grapevine that tomorrow at CES and Macworld, Google and Apple will announce some form of partnership concerning Google's 3-D drawing tool, SketchUp.

If the details sound hazy, that's because they are. I don't have any additional information.

Google acquired SketchUp, which has been described as a "very, very easy 3-D modeling tool," in March 2006. In April, Google made a version of the product free for individual users.

Some folks believe that SketchUp could eventually be used to build a 3-D world that rivals the popular Second Life.