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IT security

ZeroAccess Botnet Takedown: A Joint Move by Law Enforcement, Business

Microsoft and law enforcement get together to try and top a botnet that takes aim at infecting users' search engine results.
crystal ball

Google Places Robotics Firmly on Its Road Map to Innovation

Google is investing heavily in robotics as it expands its pursuit of technology innovations. The search giant acquired seven companies specializing in robotics.

Supreme Court Sales Tax Decision Didn't Change Internet Taxation

NEWS ANALYSIS: The court told Congress it must fix the state sales tax mess through legislation, but that's unlikely to happen soon—unfortunately for online retailers.
mobile app

Google Tool Helps Mobile Apps Developers Find, Fix Smartphone Errors

Google adds a "Smartphone errors" tab to its Webmaster Tools panel so developers can find code that isn't working for mobile users.
social search

Facebook Tops Bing's Social Searches

Facebook rules social media on Microsoft's search engine while a newcomer races up the charts.

Chrome Browser Desktop Users Can Now Experience Voice Search

Google unveils a beta plug-in that adds voice search capabilities to Chrome for the desktop.

Google Lawyer Says EU Settlement Offer Is Fair to Rivals

Google's general counsel argues in a blog post that the company's settlement offer in the antitrust case addresses the EU's concerns, despite the concerns of rivals.

Google Highlights TED 2014 Ad Award Candidates

Google will again help TED showcase the most imaginative and creative video ads through its YouTube unit.

Mozilla Revenue Tops $311 Million From Open-Source Technology

NEWS ANALYSIS: The maker of the freely available open-source Firefox browser continues to benefit from its Google partnership.

Google Street View Now Showcasing U.S. and Canadian National Parks

Can't get to Mount Rushmore to see it up close? Now Google's Street View images can bring it to you, as well as many other lovely national parks in the U.S. and Canada.

Google to Remove Street View Photo That Shows Murder Scene of Teen

In a quirk of coincidence, a satellite image used in a Google Street View photo was captured just as police were investigating the boy's murder scene.

Google Showcases Lincoln's Gettysburg Address on Its 150th Anniversary

All five known, handwritten versions of the Gettysburg Address have been posted online for viewers to share in their brevity and power on today's anniversary.

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