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Daily Tech Briefing: April 9, 2014 VIDEO

Microsoft's Cortana Presages Bing's Future; IBM Brings New Cloud Offerings, Pricing to the Mainframe; Apple Reimbursing Customers for Unapproved In-App Purchases; and more.
Bing Search

Microsoft's Cortana Presages Bing's Future

The Cortana voice assistant technology may have wowed the crowd at Microsoft's Build, but she wasn't the only showcase for the company's search technology.
XBox One

Bing Voice-Enabled Web Search Hits the Xbox One

Expanding on its efforts to build Bing into a service layer, Microsoft issues an update that allows Xbox One users to search the Web from their couches.

Yahoo Users: No More Log-Ins Through Facebook or Google

Yahoo is updating its sign-in processes to let users in only when they provide their Yahoo log-in information, rather than using their Facebook or Google identities.
Google Chrome

Google Chrome Beta Browser Adds Hands-Free Voice Search

Employing voice commands, users of the fledgling Chrome beta browser gain new capabilities as they use the Web browser to get their work completed.

Bing Gives Users 100GB of Cloud Storage as 'Reward'

Microsoft opens a new front in the search wars with a promotion that offers additional OneDrive storage to loyal users of its Bing search engine.
Bing search

Bing Beefs Up for Tax Time, Boosts Search Quality, Security

Microsoft rolls out new resources to help taxpayers get squared away with Uncle Sam and avoid scams.

Google Updates YouTube to Help Users Find Content More Easily

With the newly redesigned YouTube home page, your playlists should now be easier to find and use from anywhere.

Microsoft's Cortana Voice Assistant to Bump Bing on Windows Phone 8.1

The company's voice assistant technology is expected to supplant Windows Phone's built-in Bing search when the 8.1 update arrives.

Yahoo Gifts Carnegie Mellon $10 Million to Create a Siri Crusher

Yahoo has given Carnegie Mellon researchers $10 million and access its real-time services, in hopes they’ll create the ultimate mobile assistant.

Microsoft: Bing's Chinese Search Results Not Censored Beyond China

The software giant responds to allegations that its Bing search engine delivers censored Chinese language results to users outside of China.

Google Fiber Only Comes to Cities That Have Done Their Homework

So far, Google Fiber is in only few U.S cities and towns, including Kansas City, Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas. To get Google to consider your town, you have to do your homework, says one expert.

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