13 New Security Products That Made a Splash at RSA Conference 2017

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13 New Security Products That Made a Splash at RSA Conference 2017

Many new products and services were announced at the 2017 RSA Conference, which took place in San Francisco Feb. 13-17. RSA, now part of Dell Technologies, used its namesake conference to make a series of announcements around its new Business Driven Security strategy. Among RSA's new products is a major update to the SecurID Access portfolio that provides organizations with improved mobile and biometric options for authentication as well as security data analytics. Qualys launched a pair of new services: an Indicator of Compromise (IOC) service that monitors endpoints for suspicious activities and a File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) service that logs and centrally tracks file changes. And security rating firm SecurityScorecard announced its new free Malware Grader service, helping organizations understand the risk of identified malware. 

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RSA Announces Business Driven Security Strategy

RSA, a Dell Technologies business, used its namesake conference to launch its Business Driven Security approach, including new SecurID Access technology that aims to provide business context for security.

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Qualys Debuts IOC Service

Qualys made a number of new-product announcements at the show, including an Indicator of Compromise (IOC) service that monitors endpoint activity to detect suspicious activity. The company also announced a new File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) service that logs and centrally tracks file changes.

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SecurityScorecard Unveils Malware Grader

Security rating firm SecurityScorecard announced at RSA its free Malware Grader service. According to the company, the tool provides a simple A – F grade that indicates the ability of an organization to prevent, detect and remediate malware-related events.

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CrowdStrike Improves Falcon Platform

CrowdStrike announced new capabilities for its Falcon platform at the RSA Conference, including a discovery capability to help organizations find unmanaged assets.

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Bufferzone 5.0 Launches at RSA

Bufferzone released version 5.0 of its flagship security platform, which includes the new Bufferzone Passport features that provide organizations with the ability to restrict internet access to browsers protected by Bufferzone.

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Bay Dynamics Rolls Out Application Risk Technology

Bay Dynamics unveiled new capabilities for its Risk Fabric, helping organizations quantify the financial value of risk associated with specific threats and vulnerabilities.

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Corero Offers 100G-bps DDoS Mitigation Technology

Corero debuted new distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) technology at the RSA Conference, including the new SmartWall Network Threat Defense 1100 (NTD1100) that can support 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections.

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Cloud Security Alliance Defines Security Perimeter

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced several efforts at the RSA Conference, including new research into the Security Defined Perimeter (SDP) model for securing distributed networks. In addition, the CSA announced the STARWatch software-as-a-service (SaaS) application to help organizations manage and maintain the integrity of the vendor review and assessment process.

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Gemalto Improves Encryption Portfolio

Gemalto showed off its new SafeNet Luna HSM 7 (Hardware Security Module) as well as the 100G-bps SafeNet High Speed Encryptor at the RSA Conference to help organizations rapidly scale encryption performance.

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HPE Adds Security to Big Data

Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveiled SecureData for Hadoop and IoT to protect sensitive information, while its ArcSight Investigate entered beta to help security researchers find hidden threats.

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Preempt Extends Behavioral Firewall

Preempt announced new contextual data sources to help improve the security of the company's behavioral firewall. "With Preempt's new data and enforcement integrations, our behavioral firewall is focused on deeper, contextual data; pivotal in alerting and responding to today's threats," Ajit Sancheti, co-founder and CEO of Preempt, said in a statement.

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Symantec Enhances Cloud Security Platform

Symantec unveiled enhanced capabilities for its Cloud Security Platform, including data loss protection (DLP), cloud malware analysis and a web application firewall for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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TrapX Improves Deception Platform

TrapX Security announced its new DeceptionGrid 6.0 at the 2017 RSA Conference, providing new "traps" that trick attackers into thinking they are actually attacking a full operating system. "DeceptionGrid 6.0 also exposes attackers' tactics, giving organizations the ability to catch on to their techniques, gather detailed forensics and effectively combat them with the right tools, so they can quickly return to normal operations," Greg Enriquez, CEO of TrapX, said in a statement.

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