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Linux Foundation Aims to Prevent Next Heartbleed, Recruits Tech Giants

Posted : 2014-04-24

IBM, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Microsoft and others join the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative to prevent future crises like Heartbleed. Read More >


Intralinks Acquires Document Security Firm docTrackr

Posted : 2014-04-24

Among docTrackr’s technologies are its abilities to protect and track PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, no matter where those documents are. Read More >


Mobile Devices Still Unsecured in the Workplace

Posted : 2014-04-24

The survey found 43 percent have accessed sensitive corporate data on their personal device while on an unsecured public network. Read More >


Verizon Report Shows Good, Bad News in Data Breach Trends

Posted : 2014-04-23

Fraud detection is no longer the most common way that companies hear about breaches of their data systems. But third parties still are more likely to find a breach before the victim. Read More >


Heartbleed Puts 150 Million Android App Downloads at Risk

Posted : 2014-04-23

Heartbleed doesn't just affect the operating system, new research shows application libraries to be at risk, too, across all Android versions. Read More >

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