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Stagefright 2 Exposes Another Billion Android Phones to Risk

Posted : 2015-10-01

The researcher who first disclosed the Android Stagefright security vulnerability at Black Hat 2015 is now revealing even more flaws that have yet to be patched. Read More >


LogMeIn Offers Identity Management Product for IoT Platform

Posted : 2015-10-01

At its Xperience show, the company rolls out Xively Identity Manager to address the complexity and scale challenges of the Internet of things. Read More >


U.S.-China Cyber-security Agreement Lacks Teeth, Has Holes

Posted : 2015-09-30

NEWS ANALYSIS: An agreement between the nations not to conduct economic espionage holds promise, but only if adequate sanctions are part of the discussion, security experts say. Read More >


Washington Ponders Security, Again, but Its Motives Aren't Clear

Posted : 2015-09-30

NEWS ANALYSIS: Back from vacation, the Senate wades into a series of hearings on security, including bringing back a shelved law that angers privacy advocates. Read More >


Apple Unveils OS X 10.11 With Long List of Security Fixes

Posted : 2015-09-30

Apple debuts a new Mac operating system, OS X 10.11, which offers some new features and locks down security. Read More >

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