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Google Must Comply With Italian Data Privacy Rules Within 18 Months

Posted : 2014-07-22

Italian regulators have told Google that it must get into compliance with their rules about data privacy or face fines of up to $1.35 million. Read More >


Two Major Media Outlets Fall Prey to Hackers

Posted : 2014-07-22

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Wall Street Journal and MSNBC were victims of hackers. The attacks show insecurity on major media platforms that can potentially be fixed. Read More >


UK Security Firm Builds Network Immune Systems to Prevent Data Loss

Posted : 2014-07-21

NEWS ANALYSIS: A UK security company has developed a new approach to enterprise security modeled on the immune system that promises faster, more effective responses to network threats. Read More >


Leaked BlackBerry Passport Video Demos 'Touch-Sensitive Keys'

Posted : 2014-07-21

BlackBerry has embraced the fact that nearly everything about its Passport has been leaked. A new video clip serves it particularly well.  Read More >


Snowden Aims to Be Known as Privacy Defender, Not Whistleblower

Posted : 2014-07-21

NEWS ANALYSIS: Snowden is not sitting silently on the sidelines in Russia and continues to participate actively in the debate about privacy in the modern world. Read More >

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