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Mobile Payment Security Fears Haunt Consumers

Posted : 2014-12-24

The survey revealed that just 1 percent of respondents believe using a third-party mobile payment provider is a safe way to pay for in-store purchases. Read More >


North Korea's Internet Still Unstable, Following U.S. Accusations

Posted : 2014-12-23

A moderate-size denial-of-service attack disconnects North Korea from the Internet, but experts say the U.S. is likely not behind the attack. Read More >


Microsoft Launches PlayReady Encrypted Live Streaming

Posted : 2014-12-23

Azure Media Services customers can now protect live streams with Microsoft's PlayReady encryption. Read More >


Online Attacks Impact Majority of Businesses

Posted : 2014-12-23

A Malwarebytes study suggests enterprise IT teams still discern the largest impact from such threats to be the increased time spent at help desks. Read More >


Four Flaws Expose Critical Network Time-Keeping Servers to Attack

Posted : 2014-12-22

Flaws in a popular program implementing the Network Time Protocol, the software used to synchronize servers across the Internet, have administrators scrambling. Read More >

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