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Run Apps in Docker if You Want Application Security

Posted : 2016-08-24

Often, new technologies raise security concerns. However, two reports claim it's safer to run applications inside containers than outside of them. Read More >


8 Cyber-Security Lessons Learned From the Rio Olympics

Posted : 2016-08-24

Over the last two-plus weeks, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro highlighted unbelievable athletic performances, the spirit of competition and cyber-security vulnerabilities, as waves of cyber-attacks hit organizations at both the city and... Read More >


Debunking the Top 10 Myths About Encryption

Posted : 2016-08-24

For a long time, encryption was like drinking prune juice or taking castor oil for employees in an enterprise—they only used it when they absolutely had to. Not so anymore. Encryption for data storage and email security is now almost... Read More >


Why Visibility Into Enterprise Apps Still a Major Security Issue

Posted : 2016-08-22

There is currently a lot of buzz about network and data-centric security but not nearly as much about the app-centric brand. Read More >


Bug Bounties Spike as Software Firms, Researchers Compete for Flaws

Posted : 2016-08-21

Apple offers $200,000 for serious software security flaws. Then an independent broker offers a cool $500,000. Is this a sign of a short-lived bubble or will the value of exploits continue to climb? Read More >

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