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Yahoo Finds No Evidence of One Alleged Breach, but Unearths 2014 Hack

Posted : 2016-09-23

NEWS ANALYSIS: A Yahoo investigation couldn't confirm the breach of 200 million accounts that was first alleged by hacker "Peace" in the summer, but it actually found an entirely new one by state-sponsored hackers. Read More >


The Shadow Data Threat: What It Is and How to Safeguard Against It

Posted : 2016-09-23

Shadow IT, the common practice of employees, partners and contractors using applications outside the purview of an enterprise IT system, is both a promoter of speedy work and a huge security liability. As businesses adopt more cloud apps to better... Read More >


DHS Developing IoT Security Framework of Principles

Posted : 2016-09-22

Agency official Robert Silvers urges the industry to develop long-term solutions while also taking actions to address short-term challenges. Read More >


Yahoo Confirms Data Breach Affecting Over 500M Accounts

Posted : 2016-09-22

The latest Yahoo breach could be one of the largest of all time. More than 500 million user accounts were affected. Read More >


Lack of IoT Security Is Huge Risk for Critical Enterprise IT Systems

Posted : 2016-09-21

NEWS ANALYSIS: The biggest single problem for security of the Internet of Things is that for the most part there isn't any and most of the things that need securing can't be readily updated to include it. Read More >

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