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How Google Secures Gmail Against Spam and Ransomware

Posted : 2017-02-17

Though there was at least one successful high-profile phishing attack against a Gmail user in 2016, Google is aggressively defending its millions of Gmail users. Read More >


SecureWorks Exposes Phishing Fraudster Using Social Engineering Tricks

Posted : 2017-02-16

Pretending to be a willing dupe can help security firms identify and shut down the bank accounts used by scammers, turning the tables on attackers. Read More >


Ransomware Heads List of 7 Most Dangerous New Cyber-Attack Techniques

Posted : 2017-02-16

Researchers at the SANS Institute detailed a range of cyber-threats enterprises are currently dealing with and ways to become a less inviting attack target. Read More >


Large DDoS Attacks on the Rise, Akamai Report Finds

Posted : 2017-02-16

As internet speeds around the world continue to get faster and an increasing number of devices are being connected, there is also an increasing volume of high-bandwidth attacks. That's one of the top-level findings in Akamai's fourth-quarter 2016... Read More >


Washington Elites Use Secure Messaging Apps to Keep or Leak Secrets

Posted : 2017-02-16

NEWS ANALYSIS: Confide and Signal, two message apps that have features that discourage snooping, have become the favorite of Washington professionals who want to keep secrets. Read More >

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