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Kaspersky, Intel and Law Enforcement Launch No More Ransom Effort

Posted : 2016-07-25 provides decryption keys for Shade ransomware, with a plan to help end the scourge of ransomware. Read More >


DNC Email Scandal Shows What Must Be Done to Prevent Breaches, Leaks

Posted : 2016-07-25

NEWS ANALYSIS: Once again the Democratic Party has been seriously embarrassed by an email leak scandal. But without the leaks the data breach might have been worse. Read More >


5 Common Phishing Attacks and 5 Ways Not to Get Hooked

Posted : 2016-07-25

Most of us are aware that cyber-criminals have myriad ways to commit email fraud, install malware, seek out privileged access accounts, or obtain confidential information and valuable data. While phishing attacks have a reputation for being poorly... Read More >


Cray, Deloitte Bring Supercomputing Power to Security Analytics

Posted : 2016-07-25

In a partnership between Cray and Deloitte Advisory Cyber Risk Services, the two bring subscription-based supercomputer power to security analytics capabilities. Read More >


SoftLayer Founder Launches StackPath to Help Secure Internet

Posted : 2016-07-25

Although it's only now emerging from stealth, the security company already claims to have more than 30,000 customers. Read More >

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