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Spy Tool Noted in Leaked NSA Documents Linked to Regin Malware

Posted : 2015-01-27

An analysis links an advanced espionage framework known as Regin to malware described in leaked NSA documents, making it the strongest link yet discovered to nation-state cyber-operations. Read More >


Apple OS X 10.10.2 Bashes Bugs

Posted : 2015-01-27

Apple updates Yosemite for the Thunderstrike hardware vulnerability, which was among 54 patched flaws. Read More >


Lastline Extends Breach Protection via Dell SecureWorks Service

Posted : 2015-01-27

The Advanced Malware Protection and Detection managed service debuts using both Dell and Lastline security technologies. Read More >


FTC Says IoT Focus Should Be on Security, Privacy

Posted : 2015-01-27

In its report, the regulators say tech vendors and device makers must ensure that their systems and the data they collect are safe. Read More >


HP Enhances SureStart Tech to Protect Users From BIOS Attacks

Posted : 2015-01-26

SureStart promises a self-healing PC BIOS and an "AirGap" technology, which is separated from the rest of the system to provide improved security. Read More >

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