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Trend Micro Releases Security Software 2015

Posted : 2014-09-19

The Trend Micro Security 2015 solution, aimed at consumers, is designed to resolve security and privacy issues that continue to affect Internet users. Read More >


CloudFlare's Keyless SSL Takes New Approach to Cloud Security

Posted : 2014-09-18

Instead of requiring the cloud to hold an enterprise's private encryption key, the cloud security vendor has built a new approach. Read More >


Apple Beefs Up iOS 8 Privacy, Fixes 56 Security Vulnerabilities

Posted : 2014-09-18

Apple CEO Tim Cook pledges strong privacy and vows that the company won't give up user information to the government. Read More >


NSA, GCHQ Accused of Breaking Into Networks Run by Deutsche Telekom

Posted : 2014-09-18

A system called TREASUREMAP was reportedly used to spy on German network operators. Read More >


Two-Factor Authentication Makes Your Scandalous Selfies Safe on iCloud

Posted : 2014-09-17

NEWS ANALYSIS: You're now free to store your files and indiscreet photos in iCloud securely, provided you remember to turn on two-factor authentication. Read More >

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