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Many Americans Say They Will Avoid Breached Retailers, Study Shows

Posted : 2014-10-22

Following security breaches, more retail stores may feel a slump from lack of customer confidence, a new study suggests. Read More >


Illumio Takes Aim at Policy-Driven Security

Posted : 2014-10-22

The startup, backed with big venture funding, emerges from stealth mode with the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform. Read More >


10 Application Failures of 2014 That Expose Importance of Monitoring

Posted : 2014-10-22

A report released in 2013 by Emerson Network Power revealed that just one minute of unplanned system downtime costs the average company $5,000. And that was last year; applications are only getting more complex and harder to handle. Conventionally,... Read More >


Chinese Hackers Suspected in iCloud, Website Attacks

Posted : 2014-10-21

As protests in Hong Kong continue, security researchers have seen increasing use of strategic Web compromises targeting the devices of pro-democracy dissidents. Read More >


How Companies Are Losing Money on Password Time-Wasting

Posted : 2014-10-21

Companies lose more than $420 of productivity annually per employee due to workers merely wasting time using passwords and taking risky shortcuts. Read More >

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