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Starwood Hotels Fell Victim to Data Breaches at 54 Locations

Posted : 2015-11-23

Starwood Hotels and Resorts is investigating data breaches at 54 locations. Attackers gained access to credit card information. Read More >


A Look at What Security Vulnerabilities Are Worth

Posted : 2015-11-22

Zerodium reveals what it pays for a wide range of flaws, and surprisingly, its numbers aren't all that odd. Read More >


Chimera Ransomware Uses Peer-to-Peer for Decryption

Posted : 2015-11-22

A recent ransomware operation uses an uncommon peer-to-peer system to collect data about users and distribute the important security keys to those who are willing to pay to get their data back. Read More >


Qylur System Uses Big Data to Improve Levi's Stadium Security

Posted : 2015-11-21

New technology that is landing at Levi's Stadium takes a robust approach to physical security. Read More >


Blackhole Exploit Kit Makes a Comeback

Posted : 2015-11-19

Although the author of Blackhole was arrested in 2013, the exploit kit has risen again as malware developers make use of leaked code from the software. Read More >

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