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Security Breaches Still a Major Issue for Businesses

Posted : 2014-04-15

This year's Mandiant M-Trends report found that phishing emails largely look to capitalize on trust in IT departments by impersonating those targeted IT departments. Read More >


Will Open-Source Money Prevent the Next Heartbleed?

Posted : 2014-04-14

NEWS ANALYSIS: The OpenSSL Software Foundation is now asking for money to help fund its efforts. Will it make a difference or is a different model needed? Read More >


How BlackBerry Lost Its Status as the Enterprise Mobile Gold Standard

Posted : 2014-04-14

NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite its continuing market presence, BlackBerry is no longer the standard mobile device for enterprises. There will probably never be such a standard again. Read More >


IRS Pays Microsoft for Extended XP Support

Posted : 2014-04-14

Guess who filed an extension for Windows XP support? The IRS is paying Microsoft to keep Windows XP going after the company retired the over-the-hill OS. Read More >


Vein Pattern Scanning Enables Device-Free Instant Payments

Posted : 2014-04-14

Quixter is helping to popularize vein pattern scanning, a wallet- and device-free payment method that's as unique as fingerprints but more hygienic. Read More >

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