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Hacker Group 'ShadowBrokers' Release NSA Exploits After Auction Fails

Posted : 2017-01-13

The hacker group "ShadowBrokers" releases 61 files said to contain exploit tools used by the National Security Agency, which could fuel a race between attackers—trying to create their own exploit tools—and defenders. Read More >


F5 Networks Survey Finds Security Top Application Deliver Priority

Posted : 2017-01-13

F5 Networks released its 2017 State of Application Delivery report on Jan. 10, providing insight into the growing world of application delivery services. The study was based on responses from a total 2,197 IT professionals around the world. Among... Read More >


Nyotron Brings 'Paranoid' Security to the U.S.

Posted : 2017-01-13

Nyotron launches in the U.S. with a technology platform that it claims to be 'threat -agnostic', using the company's patented Behavior Pattern Map to identify potential risks. Read More >


WordPress 4.7.1 Updates for 8 Security Issues

Posted : 2017-01-12

Just over a month after the first WordPress 4.7 release, new incremental update debuts fixing 62 bugs, including a security flaw in the popular PHPMailer email library that was first publicly reported in December 2016. Read More >


Microsoft Revamps Windows 10's Privacy Settings in Creators Update

Posted : 2017-01-11

Microsoft is making a number of changes to the operating system's privacy controls, including the elimination of the Enhanced data-collection setting. Read More >

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