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Avalanche Botnet Disabled by Law Enforcement

Posted : 2016-12-02

Over 800,00 domains have been seized, sinkholed or blocked in global effort to takedown Avalanche botnet that was infecting up to 500,000 users every day. Read More >


Shamoon Malware Returns in New Attacks

Posted : 2016-12-01

Wiper malware first seen in attacks back in 2012 evolves in new attacks targeting victims in the Middle East. Read More >


Mozilla Patches Zero-Day Flaw in Firefox

Posted : 2016-12-01

Mozilla moves quickly to fix vulnerability that was being actively exploited in attacks against Tor Browser, which is based on Firefox. Read More >


Node.js Foundation Adds Security Project

Posted : 2016-11-30

The Node.js Foundation is set to oversee the Node.js Security Project in an effort to consolidate and improve security for the popular open-source application programming framework. Read More >


Facebook Denies Researchers' Claim Ransomware Spreading via Images

Posted : 2016-11-29

Researchers at Check Point Software Technologies allegedly find images spreading ransomware on social media sites, but Facebook calls their research "incorrect." Read More >

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