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Toronto Police Hunt for Hackers Who Hit Ashley Madison Site

Posted : 2015-08-25

NEWS ANALYSIS: A multinational law enforcement investigation is now under way to bring the Ashley Madison hackers to justice. Read More >


Passwords Seen as an Outdated Security Measure

Posted : 2015-08-25

A whopping 84 percent of respondents to a LaunchKey survey support eliminating passwords all together—75 percent said they forget passwords or have to write them down. Read More >


U.S. Court Affirms FTC Authority to Enforce Data Breach Rules

Posted : 2015-08-24

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Philadelphia-based U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals finds that the Federal Trade Commission can sue Wyndham Hotels for lax security practices that led to a data breach. Read More >


Mobile Device Security Ignored by Federal Workers

Posted : 2015-08-24

Almost a quarter (24 percent) of federal employees send work documents to personal email accounts, and half use their personal devices for work email. Read More >


Top 10 Common Application Attacks to Avoid

Posted : 2015-08-24

Today, more and more application development processes are moving onto the Web. In fact, entire productivity suites, including Google Drive, email, storage, digital credit cards, photos and more are housed there. Despite major growth in this area,... Read More >

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