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Akamai, Trustwave to Promote, Sell Each Other's Security Services

Posted : 2015-06-01

The new partnership alliance between the two security companies aims to provide more comprehensive security capabilities. Read More >


Privacy Advocates Laud Lapse of Key Patriot Act Provisions

Posted : 2015-06-01

After key elements of the USA Patriot Act are not renewed, the bulk collection of metadata on Americans is no longer allowed. But that doesn't mean the intelligence community is now powerless. Read More >


Docker Delivers Security Configuration Checking Tool

Posted : 2015-05-31

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Docker Bench for Security isn't a panacea for container security, but more tools are likely to complement it over time. Read More >


Grabit Espionage Campaign Steals Thousands of Files From SMBs

Posted : 2015-05-30

The Trojan steals about 10,000 files from smaller companies in Thailand, India and the U.S., showing that cyber-spying is no longer "just a 'big fish' game," Kaspersky says. Read More >


How Unisys' CISO Uses Stealth to Protect His Organization

Posted : 2015-05-29

VIDEO: Dave Frymier, chief information security officer of Unisys, discusses some of the tools and processes he uses to keep his organization and its customers safe. Read More >

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