ESET Virtual Appliance Remotely Manages Network Endpoint Security

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ESET Network Security

ERA Proxy Server: The Proxy Server can be deployed on larger networks to help distribute the load from client computers to the ERA Server.

ERA HTTP Proxy: The HTTP Proxy serves as a central location where computers on the network can locate updates or other assets, such as installer files for ESET products.

Installation and Configuration ERA v6

ESET understands how to best serve the growing demand for enterprise-level virtual appliances as evidenced by the ease of installation associated with the company-provided OVA (Open Virtualization Appliance) file, which can be imported directly into a virtual server environment, such as VMware (vSphere, Player, Workstation), Oracle Virtual Box, ESX1 or Microsoft Hyper-V.

The OVA file contains a fully functional CentOS 6.5 operating system, along with all the ERA v6 software, allowing administrators to quickly create a virtual server instance of ERA v6.

There are several advantages to that type of deployment, including eliminating the need for a dedicated server, the ability to use a desktop OS to host the hypervisor, allowing administrators to deploy ERA v6 on a non-server OS and eliminating the need for an enterprise level ESXi implementation.

However, for those not wanting to venture down the virtual appliance route, ESET also offers a wizard-based installation for Windows and Mac OS X, which proves to be even simpler than the OVA-based installation, as long as elements, such as .NET, SQL server and Java are pre-installed on the target management server system.

Once installed, the ERA v6 management console can be launched using a browser and the IP address provided during the installation process. The console offers users guided configuration steps, as well as wizard-driven capabilities to further ease initial setup.

Wizards, interactive help and guided processes are offered throughout the product and are available for most any process, ranging from initial configuration to maintenance and to perform wholesale changes to the enterprise environment.

ERA v6 Agent

As stated earlier, ERA v6 requires that the ERA agent be installed on endpoints to enable manageable security. In the past, installing agent software to an endpoint required several manual steps, and sometimes interaction with the end user, with the worst-case scenario requiring a technician to physically install the agent on the endpoint.

One of the first ways that ESET attempts to eliminate these manual agent installation steps is by offering a feature called "Server Assisted Agent Installation." That feature uses a local MSI package to execute the installation of the agent and can be scripted to install the agent in a hands-off fashion.

Administrators can also use another feature called the ERA Agent Live Installer, which pushes out a preconfigured Live Installer package from the ERA server in the form of a batch file, which can be run as part of a login script, or by using other similar automation technologies.


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